MB Quart Ce 1000 Floorstanding Speakers

Ce 1000

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Chad Phelps   an Audio Enthusiast [Jun 07, 1997]

I was using these speakers with a Krell front end (KAV-300i and KAV-300cd) in my "music room". They sounded terrific. Incredible highs, smooth mids, but a tad heavy on the bass. I have never heard a traditional magnetic speaker in this price range sound better than these do. I recently bought a pair of Martin Logan Aeriius so the Quarts have been move into the living room home theater system paired with a Yamaha receiver and Quart 290 surround and a Quart center channel. Put short they sound damn good. I find myself listening to just as much music on that system as the Krell system (maybe just lazy, but its not much of a compromise).
I wont get long-winded here so if you have any questions e-mail me. One thing must be said though......these speakers have the most accurate (and musical) point-source tweeter that I have ever heard for under $5000.

I must sell them however for financial reasons (getting married) if interested e-mail me. $900 firm.

Jeremy Ashworth   an Audio Enthusiast [Mar 06, 1997]

MB Quart speakers ce 1000
The MB Quart ce 1000 is a floor standing three way bass reflex speaker. They come in arange of different finishes including a rather nice piano laquer finish
that will look good in any loungeroom. This can help persuade the wife becuase they are large. They are well finished and have a distictive piece of glass on the top.

I linked this very smart pair of speakers to an Onkyo 525 a/v reciever and an Onkyo 500 laser disc player (Which also doubled as the cd source).

First I tried the bass responce with a great track by Enya from her watermark album called Longships. The Bass was powerful yet contolled and punchy the midrange nutral and the highs were just sweet and perfect to my ears.

I then tried some Chris rea From Expresso Logic and these speakers really went to town I heard all of theses new instuments in this recording I never new existed. I then played Seal's first two albums Wow!!! they really sound fantastic. All Trevor Horns hard work in production is on display here.

Next I tried a couple of laser Disc's Twister and Forrest Gump and Goldeneye
The sound was simply amazing and the amp did its stuff. For this I Also used a MB Quart CT30 Centre Speaker and a Kenwood SW300 Sub Woofer and Mordent Short CT1 Surround Speakers. This set up really kicked Butt!!! the movies were so lifelike it was hard not to feel you were not in them.

To sum up these MB Quart Speakers are brill and Blow the competition of around the $2,000 (Aus)mark out of the water.

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