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Legacy Audio Marquis Floorstanding Speakers 


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[Jun 16, 1999]
an Audio Enthusiast

Have been waiting for a review of this speaker to pop up, none has. Here goes.The Legacy Marquis is a very large, powerful center channel speaker. It has many pluses and just a couple of minus's. The biggest minus is the price, at 2000+ it surely ranks as one of the more expensive centers. I upgraded from a lower model, so only (only!!) had to make up the difference. The other minus is the sheer size. Its about 40" long, and has a rather different shape. The weight, at over 60lbs makes for strong arms and begs not to be moved. Naturally a large RPTV is a must to support this big boy. Now the pluses. The sound is very commensurate with its size, e.g. a large, non boxy sound. Although not a powered unit it provides a large bass presence (yes there is bass in the center section of the HT experience). Just to cut to the chase of this review I would like to simply state what this speaker provides, and that is " the exact natural reproduction of the input". The spoken voice is just in the room, and I suppose because of the design factor, it is pretty hard to spot the sound coming from the top of the TV. The multitude of sounds that the center produces are all as they should be, never shrill, just natural sounding. To sum up, if you don't mind going in "plastic debt" for a time you may want to give this speaker a look. I believe it might just integrate with a lot of high quality dynamic speakers, not just those from Legacy. Legacy does offer a home trial period, I believe. If it wouldn't work out for you just think of all the good exercise benefits you would get.

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