Krix Neuphonix Floorstanding Speakers


  • Frequency Range: 30Hz - 40kHz in room response
  • Power Handling: Maximum 200 watts
  • Sensitivity: 90dB
  • Tweeter: 26mm (1”)
  • Impedance: Nominally 4 ohms

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deftowls   Casual Listener [Jul 16, 2012]

Krix speakers have been part of my stereo listening experience for many years, starting with a custom built pair in the late 1970's. Until recently a pair of Lyrix have done the job, delivering an engaging dynamic sound with plenty of bass kick. When a pair of used Neuphonix came up at a good price, I had to give them a go. As much as I liked the Lyrix, the Neuphonix have taken my listening experience to a completely new level, and in surprising ways. Initially, i wondered if my amplifier could do this 6 driver array justice, but as it turned out, no problem at all. I've been running them off a hand built Quasimodo single rail amp the builder rates at 40 watts per channel, but the volume dial never goes past 11 o'clock without it feeling uncomfortably loud, and clean with no hint of clipping. The next pleasant surprise was how beautifully balanced they are across the frequency range. This differs to the Lyrix which seem to deliver a relatively bigger bass sound. The Neuphonix have plenty of authority, tightness and speed at the bottom end, but not in any way that seems distracting or out of proportion with the mid and upper range. Maybe the bass emphasis in the Lyrix is partly the product of a slightly shy mid-range in this 2-way model. The addition of a very complete and natural sounding mid range in the Neuphonix gives me the opportunity to discover a whole lot more in my cd collection that i've never heard before, more-so than all other 3 way speakers or bookshelf speakers that i've tried from time to time. The last attribute i found really striking is the wide sound dispersion of these speakers. Room placement has always been an issue for me. One of the seating positions in the room is actually in between the speakers. Unlike virtually all other speakers i've had, i can comfortably sit in that spot and not get any major boom from the rear port or lose much top end, which really is quite amazing. I think this comes down to how tight the 4 small bass drivers are, and maybe the effect of that little wave dispersion plug placed in the middle of the tweeter. Taking all these factors together, the Neuphonix have been an ideal acquisition, fitting into a rather difficult and quirky set-up with great ease.

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