Kharma CRM 3.2 FE Floorstanding Speakers

Kharma CRM 3.2 FE Floorstanding Speakers 


  • Pure silver coils in crossover
  • Signature series WBT connectors
  • Advanced polymer


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[Nov 20, 2018]


These are the best Two-way speakers I ever own in my life and let's not forget how gorgeous looking speakers plus the most important they sound phenomenal!!!. I remember when I hook them up for the first time and listen to them I was WoW!!! I couldn't believe what I was actually hearing = musical, dynamic, details, resolution, big soundstage they kinda disappear in my room very special speakers. I own many high end speakers in the past but nothing like the CRM 3.2fe speakers, I actually connect with the music no coloration you actually hear the speakers very solid performance also the bass just come out from the cabinet you might think that there's a small sub hiding some where in my room but "NOT" amazing! so for the first time in years I really enjoy listen to my system thanks to the Kharma CRM 3.2fe speakers this is what sets the CRM 3.2fe apart from other speakers, also not just how phenomenal they sound but also love the shape very unique specially love the shape just like a exotic car, they havy too about 70 pounds each! considering for they sizes and I know there is no perfect speakers out there no matter what but now I understand why the Kharma CRM 3.2fe speakers are special you pretty much get the whole package... Highly Recommended


Heads up for people who likes to listen to music very loud well the only weakness that I found out about the CRM 3.2 fe speakers is power handling only 100watts RMS which is not that bad for me but for you maybe for $21k speakers it should be little bit more then 100 watts so that means you can't play them very loud. These speakers is more for low and mid volume with tubes single-ended class A amps 50watts~75watts which I don't mind cause I don't listen to music very loud any way beside the wattes they are phenomenal speakers no matters how you look at it. If you get a opportunity to buy one for a good price go for it Highly Recommended

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[Dec 14, 2006]


There is a lot going on with theese speakers.
Soundwise it is just purity. Highs yes; midrange-fantasy; bass-well....I bought the sub...soundstage-piece of cake, transparency-remarkable.
OK, you have the picture.
Now more details. I bought them double blinded. Of course I've read the reviews, and I knew they sound great. So you expect them to sound great when you audition them?
What I did not know at the time, is that they wont sound great..., lets put it other way-they will sound as good, as your other components are. Do not expect them to blow your head away, if you pair them with wrong equipment. And it all matters: power cords, know the story. I've heard them with transistors with the dealer. I bought them anyway.
Few days later the same dealer delivered the pair of Tenors to my home to audition with 3.2's.
Ha..That was the blowout. Our jaws were on the floor. My friend owns Avalon with CAT, and he regret he did not hear the setup before he bought his. The other stuff included: ARC Mc3, Meridian 508, Stereovox Ref, and NBS Statement to sub. The most dramatic experience was with small bands and with vocals (say Casandras Strange Fruit), or classical (say piano+violin, or vocals and piano).
The other thing that matters is the room. My room at the time was 5 by 8 metres, and there were no problems filling it with sound.
Eventually I bought Tenors without hesitation. And... guess what happened?
Yes, I've got divorced.
I moved out to the smaller room (I mean listening room) on the third floor with few glass doors and walls. We set up the same system again and...magic gone.
Not as if at all, but it did a bit.
Looks. As for me this is impotant for the speakers to look good. As with 3.2's, they are as beautifull in the modern, as in older style rooms. I thought it is important to mention, just in case you move. And if you will, make sure you take your speakers with you. You wont be disapointed...even if you'll loose a bit of soundstage.


There are two.
First. Be prepaired to spend a lot for other equipment, and do not think you can upgrade in few years. At this stage Lamm SET is probably the first go, of course if you do not want s/h Tenors. And you need the right preamp as well. It may be very difficult to recommend any, that will stand out. Go for Shindo, I'd say.
Bass is no two. I bought the sub because the sound was dry on some recordings. I probably made a mistake. When I bought Elrods for Tenor this problem diminished and, while still better with sub, but not to extent of audible discomfort. So now I listen without the sub.

Reviews on kharma speakers are usually philosophical.
From times when we began interesed in hi-fi when we were young and up to now, when we are lucky enough to own them.
CRM 3.2 is the milestone in life of any music lover; and this was the milestone for myself. Out of the sudden I stopped buying hi-fi journals, visiting hi-end dealers etc. I was more focused on music and was able to listen to it for hours.
I sincerely think that the most important value of the hi-fi system, and the important test as well, is how quickly you will stop listening to your music, or move down the tracks. Treble, midrange, bass, transparency, soundstage....all that wont matter if you develop listening fatigue and start changing your cd's. This is something you wont consider while listening to equipment in the hi-fi shop?

Customer Service

You wont send them to Holland. Ask your dealer.

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