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Soren Eklund   Casual Listener [May 10, 2000]

Good sound, good price



For 1½ years ago I had to replace my big floor speakers, because my room is only 14 m2 and I couldn't place them proberly. I went to tjeck different small speakers at a price around 200 § a pair. (That's what a student can afford these days), but I knew it would be hard to find serious hifi-speakers at that cost. I found these Kef Coda 7 SE on sale (normal 280, new price 199 - prices in Denmark are a bit high!) and got some "wall-stands", so that I could put'em on the wall. I had them connected to my powerful Onkyo reciver.

At first I was concerned that they wouldn't give me enough bass, compared with my old 15"-bass-driver-speakers, but I was surpriced how much sound the coda's could produce. And now after 1½ years the bass have gotten even more deep and tight. I haven't heard the Coda 7, but the Coda 7 SE can be biwired, and two months ago I spend a 100 § on good qality cable, and now the sound is absolutely great. There is a lot of dept in the bass, and the mid and high are very clear - but not to hard on your ears. Especially I love the mid, wich I think is the most importent. And it plays loud without any problems. Especiallly good for acoustics, but also for pop and rock.

Comments on the other speakers in the same catogory (§150-§250), that I have heard: The Paradigm micro and similar gets muddy when it's played loud. JBL is to hard on you ears and haven't got enough bass on low volumes. Dali is to big for a small speaker and more expensive and not as great. Infinity makes bad small speakers - they do big powerful pop and rock speakers - and that's what they do best, Kenwood can do cheap amps and so but definately not cheap speakers. Bose is way to expensive compared with the sound. The smallest B&W is o.k. but not for parties. Jamo doesn't really make speakers in this catogory. You can get subwoofer/sattelite-systems, but not small hifi ones - the smallest is not that small! So if you are looking for a great allround small speaker go and get the coda 7, and if you can afford it (or get it) buy the SE-model and have it biwired with some good cables. You shouldn't expect to feel the bass on low volumes, but you can hear it very clearly, like everything else. I must say, that I think the Coda 7 SE is the best small, low cost speaker you can buy (at least in Denmark!).

Similar Products Used: Dali, Paradigm, Infinity, JBL, Kenwood, Bose, B&W, Jamo.
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