JBL Venue STAGE Main / Stereo Speaker Floorstanding Speakers

Venue STAGE Main / Stereo Speaker

The Venueâ„¢ Series Stage floorstanding loudspeaker delivers superb audio, whether used for critical listening in a stereo system, or combined with a Voice center channel, bookshelf surrounds and a subwoofer to create a home theater system.

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homeaudioguru   AudioPhile [Dec 02, 2008]

Dedicated midrange driver allows amazing vocal reproduction.


For a 6 1/2" woofer, this speaker has nothing to be ashamed of. But of course a larger woofer would lend these speakers some added depth and punch.

I am very discerning when it comes to my home theater equipment and I just happened to a see a sale ad for these speakers for 79.99 each. Because they were JBL, I was intrigued to see what their idea of a entry level loudspeaker was... I went to the store and listened to every single loudspeaker in the listening room. Polk, Infinity, Bose, Athena...all of them. Not a single loudspeaker under $1000 even came close to the life-like reproduction and clarity that these comparatively lowly JBL's put out. I was flabbergasted! I was listening to an HD recording of some live jazz music (arguably one of the most challenging genres to accurately reproduce) and switching between speakers as I walked along the walls of the listening room. What was funny was that I originally had my heart set on buying Polk's flagship the Monitor 70. Yet, here was the most paltry offering in JBL's arsenal making a mockery of them, even at very high volume!!! These speakers have it all going for them: a titanium-film tweeter allows the highs to stay amazingly crisp no matter what the volume. The true midrange driver, presents vocals and other middle-toned sounds in a wonderfully neutral and balanced manner. In fact, depending on the source, you can tap out the tweeter and the woofer long before the midrange even hints that it might give up!! Now this all happens at absolutely ear-splitting volumes that only the most stalwart audiophile dare endure for any length of time. The woofer is a complete gem: warm and resonant at low volumes, but still with all of the clarity and deftness necessary to avoid slop. When the wattage ramps up these woofers deliver the goods, they punch out percussion and bass. The best way to describe them would be like an iron fist wrapped in a silk glove; poised yet powerful. Needless to say, I am very pleased with my purchase and am looking forward to having friends and family over for many movie nights. I purchased both speakers with 5 year no-questions-asked replacement warranty for a smallish $182.23. This is the best buy I have made for my home theater since I purchased my Harmon Kardon receiver 3 years ago!! If you're looking for a steal on some wonderful speakers for very modest money, look no further. These are it!

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