JBL Studio L 880 Main / Stereo Speaker Floorstanding Speakers

Studio L 880 Main / Stereo Speaker

Experience exceptional audio performance for your music and movie systems with the JBL L880 Studio L Series 200-Watt Floor-Standing Speaker. JBL Studio L Series provides technologies and materials that enhance audio performance beyond the industry standard of 20kHz and brings professional studio sound to your digital home theater. The L880 features over-sized Kapton voice coils and FreeFlow bass port architecture that is capable of delivering professional sound quality.

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merida pro   Audio Enthusiast [Apr 06, 2011]

I have been using these speakers as the front ones of my system (Onkyo 875 receiver, jbl lc1, jbl 820, def tech supercube II sub, various cd/universal players, popcornhour hd-player) for over three years and have been happy with the sound they produce for music and movies. I would not go as far as to say that they are the best speakers because they are not. I would say, however , that they are more than adequate and I have been quite happy with it's performance. I also have not heard any comparably-priced speakers that are better (in all respects) than the 880 l.
I have another (smaller) system used mainly for music (nad 315bee, nad 515bee, psb alpha b), which gives better sound for music (mainly voices and folk) but of course, it lacks the power and bass compared to the bigger, more expensive, more powerful system. The nad/psb, however, is more detailed, more neutral and, I think, more musical. When the supercubeII sub is added, it is maybe 90 percent perfect for music of all genres (regardless of price).
I write this review because I think it is odd that a fine speaker like the 880 l is not reviewed at all while many lessor ones are given good reviews, so I just want to make a point that this is indeed a good/fine pair of speakers (it received 5/5 from 19 users of Amazon!.

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