Jamo S 506 Floorstanding Speakers

Jamo S 506 Floorstanding Speakers 


  • Woofer (mm/in): 2 x 165 / 6½
  • Tweeter (mm/in): 25 / 1
  • Sensitivity (dB, 2.8V/1m): 89
  • Frequency Range (Hz): 45-20,000
  • Impedance (Ohm): 6


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[Dec 27, 2019]
ferny creek lad


Lovely bass, like the highs too. Reviews say not lot of detail, but when matched with a good amp the sing.


Don’t like the look of the speakers with their covers off. That’s it

Model Year:
[Aug 25, 2017]
Audio Enthusiast

I'm only reviewing the main front speakers, since I don't have the rest of them in use.

These are very good speakers for the price they are sold. And they are even cheaper now. I just saw the whole set sold new about 400 dollars US. I paid 100 euros (approx 117 dollars) for the two front speakers second hand. They look great and are built very well. Finishing is fantastic and really gives a high quality look to them. Speaker terminals are well built and even have the possibility to separate into two circuits. Although I have always thought Jamo is a cheaper entry level brand, but these things really make an exception to what I think about Jamo (in a good way). Worth noting that I write all my reviews with a critical mindset, so the problems I describe are usually not very major, unless specifically told so.

Cheaper Jamo series tend to have a loss in mids and somewhat overpowering bass. In S506 there is no loss in mids that I can tell. If you keep the amp eq settings about neutral, the sound is very clear and articulate. However, the classic Jamo effect raises it's head a little when you turn up the bass eq in the amp. Sound is still very clear, but the bass is lacking some mids and highs in that range. Probably more adjustable eq would fix this (I use these with an old Marantz 1030). And it really depends on what you are listening to. In classic rock or blues, I noticed no problems with the bass since they are not very bass driven music. But something more electronic and especially with low volumes and the effect is there. Some people like that deep bass without too much highs to it, but in my opinion it still lacks the midbass a bit without eq'ing them in. Other than that, the sound is well balanced and way better than the cheaper Jamos. The floor spikes are a bit small and have kind of cheap(ish) feel to them but they do what they are intended to. I haven't taken them apart so I cannot tell you about the connections or the crossovers inside.

All in all with a conclusion, they are super good speakers for the price, and when driven with a good amp with proper adjustments, there is very little difference to 5 times more expensive speakers. Don't use any supercheap crappy amps, they will not give the listening experience intented for the speakers.

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