Jamo C809 Floorstanding Speakers

Jamo C809 Floorstanding Speakers 


A single top of the line stereo and surround speaker
Equipped with two 7" woofers, one 7" midrange and one 1" DTT (Decoupled Tweeter Technology) tweeter
All front speakers in the C 80 series feature bi-wiring
Uses Hard Conical Cone and Centre-Plug technology
Frequency Range: 30-24,000Hz


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[Feb 15, 2011]

This is my second up grade of my audio gear, after very careful consideration and research I settled on Marantz AV7005 (pre) & MM7055 (power), the best I could buy under $2500 American Dollars. All of you stereo pile out there may not agree on my choice, but the reason is, just two channel stereo does not deliver the whole music, the way the artist intended.

I have to match this pre/power (Marantz AV7005 & MM7055) with equally good speakers to get the benefit of the upgrade, and there for the logical choice is to choose speakers whin similar price range of the pre/power.

I listen to vocal & instrumental music (piano, guitar & cello Etc.) so my choice is for a pair of speaker which could reproduce what I want whin my price range. As a result I was left with three choices Jamo C809, B&W CM9 & Paradigm Studio 100 V5.

Of course I have auditioned others but I am not going to spend time in considering them as they never made the make on what I wanted from the speakers. The CM9 has a hell of a lot of reviews and YouTube videos, but in my opinion did not have the detailed sound reproduction as the other two. I personally found the CM 9 tendered towards younger audience, with its deep base compared to the other two.

The Paradigm also has great reviews as well and great followers, but I found them to be too harsh, and made it difficult to listen to music for a long time. The Paradigm was so harsh across my music range and was not pleasant to listen to, and you wanted to turn off the music.

But the Jamo C809 was a dream to listen to, it had perfect treble and adequate base, but overall the music reproduction inspired you to listen your favourite track again and again.

In short the C809 is an under rated speaker, and I have also heard how the Jamo’s are made in China and the rest. But what about B&W and other famous brands as well, but what matters is music not where it is made or what finish or size it is.

Music is my life, and I only need my ears to tell me what sounds good, and not the speck sheet like some. So if you love your music give Jamo C809 a try and you will agree with me.

[Sep 12, 2009]
Audio Enthusiast

The Jamo C809......If I could only say one thing about these speakers, it would have to be.....Exceptionally Musical Speakers!!!! Fortunately, I can say more than that.

The C809 is a Three Way desgn. These are Big.....I mean....BIG speakers. And I'm not talking just physical specifications and stature. They are BIG in physical size, but they absolutely have a very full, room engulfing sound. The C809 thrive on amps with high quality power. As do all of the Jamo speakers in the Jamo C80 and Jamo C60 Series.

The better quality power you feed them, the better they reward your ears. Don't get me worng, that doesn't mean they need a Gazillion Watts to make them sing. They will perform best with at least 100 high quality watts per channel. But High Quality Power is the key, here.

The C809 are smooth, sweet, wonderfully detailed and wade casually into the slightly warm side of the pool. There's a wonderful timbre and tone to instruments. The bass is strong and gets you in the mood to boogie.

These speakers really do great bass. At least 15 inches to 18 inches from the backwall will deliver tight, musical, palpabale bass. Cellos are stunning! Well recorded piano makes you wonder who dragged the Stienway into the room.

No real wood venners, here. And I couldn't care less. These speakers (as well as the C807 and C803 of this Series) far exceed the modest, well-done, black laminate finish confines of their cabinets. I've auditioned and lived with several much higher-priced....real wood veenered speakers; that the C809 put to shame. Embarrassed, really.

Dynamics are very, very nice. They can be pucnhy, but not in-your-face-......kick in the gut punchy. They do lean to a polite....I guess softer presentation. But they are in no way dull and uninvolving.

If you want the ultimate slam and liver-rattling punch; look elsewhere. These are not the speakers for you.

If you want the ultimate in so-called " transparency" .........look elsewhere. These are not for you.

If you want a hyper-detailed presentation and sterile, analytical presentation. Move right along and go find yourself another speaker; after you disect your frog.

You want wonderfully tuneful and sweet melodies?

Want to whistle and sing to the music, because you simply can't help from being dragged into the meody of a song?

Want to get up off your booty and boogie around the room, because the music pushes and inspires you?

Want to lay back and enjoy the melody of a blues guitar, or the beautiful wave of cello washing over you?

Want to get chills and goosebumps from acoustic instruments and vical harmonies?

Then audtion the Jamo C809.

I matched them up with some McIntosh gear (C220, mc252 and mc352) and an Rega Saturn. Also tried them out with several other pieces/brands of gear.

The Mac and Jamo combo is musical heaven!!!!

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