Jamo A 775 Floorstanding Speakers

A 775

  • 2-way systems
  • Triple bass reflex
  • Integrated tweeter
  • Full frequency range
  • 2½ way configuration

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Soundangel   Audio Enthusiast [Aug 10, 2006]

Wide soundstage, rapid response and good fidelity in drop dead gorgeous design. Dialogues are crisp and clear from the unassumingly small A7Center. Sound effects flow from front to back and left to right with the right pace and in seamless fashion. In one particular movie, where the rain effects hits the speakers before the image arrives to the screen, it made me jump to close my son's sand-pit in the garden, so realistic it was, I thought the rain was outside!
The high WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) ensures peace is kept in the household.
One last additional real-life point you will not find on the high gloss reviews: If you have todlers or young kids in the house these speakers have limited risks of being ruined. Toddlers have a real attraction for poking their fingers in membranes and tweeters, they cannot do it with the A775. It may seem a minor detail but you do not want to spend your movie time watching out for your son or his friends not coming too close to your front or, even worse, rear speakers!


Not a piece for audiophile multichannel music.... albeit, a very good compromise also on that level. If you have the money and use your TV set up also for multichannel music then probably you can find better (albeit less aesthetically pleasing) products, albeit, probably, at an higher price tag.
The specs on this stie say it's a full frequency range speaker. It is not: it cuts at 60Hz and you will need a sub to feel those explosions in most action movies and similar sound effects.

These speakers are the right compromise in aesthetics and sound. I love good sound and music, my sonus Faber Guarnieri and matching sub-woofer plus Meridian electronics travelled with me everywhere. But I was not ready to oblige my better half to one other set of "non-beautiful" speakers for our TV (and was not ready to spend a little fortune on one other set of high end Sonus Faber....). There comes JAMO with the A775 with the A7 center: my wife loved them and, once set up and correctly positioned, they are growing on me day after day. I purchased four A775 for front and surround, as the A702 seemed to be on the weaker side when auditioned, especially for a large listening room as ours. I did not buy the sub yet, I need to get convinced that the A7 sub is the correct match; in my view it maybe a little light for my room size. Maybe something more musical and powerful will complement the set up. I have tried the set up with my Sonus Faber sub, but it costs 10 times the JAMO sub and the comparison is not fair (but what a great match!). All in all, even without the sub (just a temporary solution until I define the right one to buy) movies are extremely involving, effects very well placed and without solution of continuity. Naturally I shall add a sub for the final movie effect!
Well done JAMO!

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