Jamo A 340 Floorstanding Speakers

A 340

  • Two-way system
  • Superior sound quality
  • High power handling

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directitstore   AudioPhile [Jul 05, 2005]

Reduced mid range "gap" House shaking bass performance Good music quality


Poor user manual Centre channel a little bright Stands thread to base a little to fine

Well they say that women often influence purchases in the household, and can I say that this was the case here. Over the past few months, I have been auditioning speakers for home theatre which prices range from $2000.00 > $7500.00 and I have found the differences astounding. But unfortunately, the best speakers don’t look the best which ultimately influence the end purchase. I was set specific guidelines from my wife, “she” wanted speakers that “don’t” take up too much space, and “I” wanted a speaker that “looked like” a speaker. So I finally gave in and hunted around for a system that not only looked, but also sounded excellent. Now, I have to say these little Jamo’s are simply awesome, I purchase the set as a whole, the A340pdd.5 this is the 4x A340, 1x A 3CEN.4 and the Sub6510. To get the best performance I used massive Neotech speaker, optical cables and premium connectors. Combined with the endless supply of power for a Harman Kardon AVR630 amplifier. The A340 construction is excellent, they have good weight and don’t feel to plastic, I found it almost impossible to find a speaker made of plastic that looks like a speaker and keeps its mid range frequency, well the highly efficient larger drivers in the A340 of 4” from the previous models has made a massive difference in reducing the sound field “gap” that small home theatre setups struggle with, well done Jamo. The lack of binding posts isn’t really a problem as the spring loaded clamps accepted 12AWG cable no problems. The A340 stands are well designed and very pleasant to the eye, I did find the threads in the aluminium stands a little soft and very easy to strip if not careful, I suggest doing them up hand tight then half a turn to tighten. These are a must for the overall finish and look of the setup. They hide all the wires and look very smart. The A 3CEN.4 produces excellent, I mean fantastic, voice projection and harmonics especially when watching DTS movies even at lower power levels. So much so, that I had to reduce the Db output levels within the HK setup menu to balance the sound output reducing the “over-projecting” voice and centre channel effects. Next is the Sub6510, this is the best 10” sub I have come across to date, the range of Velodyne subs are simply awesome too, but, they are twice the price of this little setup and there is not much difference. The sealed enclosure does it for me, personally sealed enclosure offer the best possible bass clarity and performance in smaller rooms, by reducing the whooshing sound of ported enclosures. This sub shakes my whole house, not just the lounge, going as low as 25Hz which the very beginning scene of the Fifth Element did well. Placment of the beauty is extremely important, get a long sub cable that extends around your room so you can try all spots possible. Overall, this setup is fantastic value for money, is good for music but good quality speaker cable is a must.

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