Induction Dynamics ID1 Floorstanding Speakers


The ID1 three-way loudspeakers make ideal left/right mains, while incorporating left/right subwoofers in the same cabinets. You get all the benefits of two subwoofers, without having to find a place to put them. Each subwoofer incorporates dual 10" drivers that provide a very impressive low-end, all the way down to 25 Hz. A passive subwoofer crossover may be switched in to convert the ID1 to a four-way loudspeaker.

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K512   AudioPhile [Oct 26, 2004]

As above


Speaker cable binding posts are oversized and too big to accept conventional spades. Banana plugs work better here.

Following several years of researching and auditioning a wide variety of high-end gear, I recently purchased a complete high-end (two channel) home audio system through Bob Kirk of Archive Audio in Bexley, OH. [My system: Simaudio Moon W-5 LE (Limited Edition) dual-mono amplifier; Moon P-5 LE preamplifier; Moon Eclipse LE CD player; Induction Dynamics ID1 speakers; Signal Cable Silver Resolution balanced interconnects, and custom ordered "double run" Silver Resolution speaker cables (purchased direct from Signal Cable); Billy bags #4803 rack and #2020 amp stand (purchased direct from Billy Bags)]. Bob Kirk (who by the way is the absolute finest audio dealer I've ever had the pleasure of working with) introduced me to not only the Simaudio Moon line of gear; but also the Induction Dynamics line of speakers, which appear to be singularly unique in their ability to be placed very close to a BACK WALL, with little if any sonic penalties. Now, before I proceed with my review of the ID1 speakers, I will mention that as I was planning my new audio system, I've had to carefully consider the fact that my chosen listening area consisted of using one half side of my contemporary home's approximately 24'x 14' rectangular "great room" (with vaulted ceiling, loft, etc.) as an audio listening space. (The other half of this great room contains furniture oriented around a firplace.) While the odd dimensions and "acoustic challenges" of my great room are hard to convey without diagrams, suffice it to say that I was fervently searching for a FULL RANGE loudspeaker capable of not only performing well in a very odd shaped and asymmetrical acoustic space; but most importantly, I needed a full range loudspeaker that was actually designed to perform quite well even when placed close to a back wall... I brought detailed photos and dimensions of my proposed listening space to Bob Kirk, who immediately recommended the Induction Dynamics line of loudspeakers, which he sells and has several models in house, including the magnificent ID1 loudspeakers. Bob claimed (and demonstrated) how the ID1's could be placed close to a back wall and still sound fantastic in a smaller space. Despite this highly impressive demonstration, I was initially somewhat foolishly skeptical because I was not aware of Induction Dynamics' products prior to meeting Bob Kirk, nor could I recall reading any on-line or audio magazine reviews or "buzz" about these products... I went ahead and purchased all of the above mentioned Simaudio Moon electronics with a high degree of confidence, and borrowed a modest pair of Meadowlark speakers just to get started. Not long thereafter, Bob Kirk generously provided me with a pair of the Induction Dynamics ID1 speakers for an in-home audition, and I'm now happy to report that I will be purchasing a pair of these highly remarkable and musical speakers in the very near future. In brief, if your room dimensions and other requirements dictate and demand that your speakers be placed close to a back wall, you really must try to audition the Induction Dynamics line of products. Regarding the ID1's, these speakers artfully combine the imaging, soundstaging, mid-range bliss, and top-range delicacy and extension of a fine monitor or planar speaker; combined with a visceral yet highly articulate bass extending well into to subwoofer range. Indeed, the ID1 is essentially a 3-way tower with integral subwoofers in each tower. The ID1 includes a switchable crossover for fine control of the subwoofer section, and unlike many other speakers claimed to be "full range", the ID1's actually reproduce low bass notes with little if any muddiness, and they seem to be quite resistant to being overdriven by the likes of the Moon W-5 LE power amplifier. My own early experiences with the ID1's suggest that they may perform better when biwired. Weighing in at a hefty 90 lbs. apiece, the ID1's construction, fit, finish, and connection terminals are all first rate. Rapping your knuckles on these attractive towers feels more like rapping on marble monoliths rather than wooden speakers. Finally, I will mention that the ID1's perform quite well when placed as close as 4 inches from the back wall, although I have room enough to place then 9" out. Ideally, the ID1 speakers should probably be placed as far from the back wall as possible, but if they must be placed more closely to the back wall, I challenge you to find another speaker that can still perform as well as the ID1.

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