Eltax Camargue Front Tower Speaker Floorstanding Speakers

Eltax Camargue Front Tower Speaker Floorstanding Speakers 


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[Aug 17, 2012]

For the money (originally 1200 euro, later on Eltax sold these floorstanders for 600 euro), I have a hard time finding competition in the price range and even well beyond.
Eltax, a budget brand that in my eyes have only released one good model -.this Camargue, a celebration model for their 60 y ann. have spot right on here.
Slightly warm tonality with (for the money spent) exceptional resolution. One caveat might be the somwehat boomy bass - which is the one thing that make these speakers not completely homogenous.
The design is stunning but one can see, compared to expensive speakers, that Eltax have saved alot of money on the finish, the binding posts etc.

Compared to much, much more expensive speakers, like Hales System 2 sign, any of the B&W nautilus speakers, QRS Neptunus, Audio Physic Scorpio 2/Avanti 3 they fall a little short because these speakers all excel at something specific.. Averall though, I won´t hesitate to state that the Eltax´s overall result is magnificent!
Audio Physic has phenomenal clarity, accuracy and resolution but lack the engagement and they are a little thin in the bass department. B&W is just not tonally correct or believable for the price. Hales closed cabinet just wont go as deep in the bass (but is a stunning speaker!). Etc. etc. Only the QRS Neptunus match every quality of the Eltax Camargue floorstanders and beyond, but considering they cost more than 6 times the original asking price of the Camargue - the Eltax Camargue is clearly the winner. Engaging, involving, fun and relatively clear - this budget speaker rules!!

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