EFE Technology T-42 Floorstanding Speakers

EFE Technology T-42 Floorstanding Speakers 



  • The new T-42 rear ported MTM design (Mid-woofer / Tweeter / Mid-woofer) tower may be the speaker that meets all of your needs, for both music lovers and Home Theater buffs. From its unique cabinet design (curved sides) to its beautiful piano black lacquer finish coupled with the famous EFE TECHNOLOGY sound, everything about the new T-42 expresses quality! The newest edition to the EFE Imported Series of speakers proves audiophile quality does not have to cost an arm and a leg! No longer is audiophile sound reserved for the elite few that can afford it, even the low to mid-fi buyers can now enjoy all the benefits of a well designed pair of audiophile speakers at a price they can afford. The elegance and beauty of the new T-42 will surely get a two thumbs-up when it comes to the “wife approval factor” also, both for size and beauty. Let the T-42 put you at center stage!
  • Specifications
  • Speaker type:2way, 3driver rear ported tower speaker
  • Drivers:Woofer –Dual 6 ½” woven wool (8 ohm)
  • Tweeter - 25mm soft dome (8 ohm)
  • Frequency Range: 38Hz – 20kHz +/- 4db
  • Crossover:Second order – 3000Hz/12db per octave slope
  • Impedance:8 ohms
  • Sensitivity:89db /1watt/1 meter
  • Power rating:5 watts minimum 200 watts max (clean power)
  • Enclosure:5/8” MDF throughout – glossy piano black lacquer finish 1” solid base plate Gracefully curved cabinet sides
  • Dimensions:Height – 41.5” Width - Front 8” / Rear 5” Depth – 13” Base –8.75” W x 14” D
  • Weight:55 lbs. each
  • Warranty:3 Years parts & labor


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    [Jan 10, 2018]
    Gary French
    Audio Enthusiast

    Review is for 2017-18!

    I have enjoyed the talents of Ed Frias for some time, beginning with my modified BIC center channel speakers. Since my experience was so overwhelmingly positive when I decided to upgrade to audiophile quality tower speakers my very 1st choice was to turn to Ed again.
    WOW! Am I ever glad I did.
    To assure myself that an audio upgrade would be appropriate for me and to be sure my ears were not deceived by what my eyes read I previewed several speakers to compare them to my , then current, system. I listened to $2,500 per pair bookshelves up to $7,500 towers. An upgrade was definitely in order.
    Knowing what I know about Ed Frias, having dealt with him in the past, and having experienced his mastery of acoustics for quite some time, I elected to purchase his well respected T-42 speakers. My listening room is rather modest in size so anything larger (i.e., T-50's or more) would have been vanity. As it is turns out the T-42's are still more speaker than the room deserves but they have pleased me immeasurably. Tone, timber, bass, soundstage, openness...everything I had hoped for are there for me to enjoy. I have since revisited the $7,500 tower speakers I listened to earlier and can only feel sorry for whoever overspends on them. I never tell my friends how much I paid for these beautiful black piano lacquer, high gloss sonic marvels until they have experienced several different types of music. When I finally share with them that I paid $1,290 a (semi) good natured argument inevitably ensues until I am compelled to produce my invoice. Suffice it to say that many a flabber has been gasted over Ed Frias' (EFE Technology) T-42 speakers.
    If you are thinking about upgrading and would prefer to have the best sounding speakers, rather than bragging about how much you spent, I urge you to reach out to Ed Frias and chat with him, as I did, and decide for yourself. He is approachable, knowledgeable in the extreme and, as I found out through several phone calls, patient to fault.
    I have not been paid or compensated to share this review. It is merely a show of great appreciated for Ed Frias and the experience he and his speakers have given me.
    He is in Prescott, AZ and I am sure he would love to hear from you.
    Here is his contact information.
    Ed Frias

    Gary in southern Indiana

    [May 04, 2005]
    Audio Enthusiast


    - very neutral and realistic audio reproduction - great sound stage - perfect match with other EFE speakers - beautiful design - reasonable price - excellent customer service


    - I now need to throw out half my CD's, because I can tell how poor the recordings are. - after listening to the set of five speakers hooked up to the Pro-ONE decoder, you won't settle for less. - e-mail only sales. You have to buy the speakers without being able to test them first. This takes a leap of faith. Also, Ed does not have his own web page for his products, so you have to e-mail him for the brochures and current pricing information.

    After having listened to my new audio system for about six weeks now, I am very happy with my set of two T-42's, a C-20 center and two B-15 rear speakers. The whole set including Pro-ONE decoder and S/H cost just under $3000. I combined them with a SVS subwoofer, and this combination of speakers effortlessly fills my large living room with wonderfully accurately reproduced sound. Much to my chagrin, I am noticing the big downside of having good speakers: I can now tell how poor a lot of CD recordings are. With good recordings, though, my speakers are now a serious threat to my subscription to the symphony. And even a lot of my historic recordings are now starting to sound really good! I have a very large collection of classical music, and my girl friend has a collection of historic jazz recordings. We are both blown away by just how realistic the audio is on good recordings. I am glad I decided to buy the PRO-ONE decoder, too. After Ed helped me sort out one silly initial misconfiguration on my part, I now use it almost exclusively. It works great on DVDs, where I can put more emphasis on the center speaker. This way, I can clearly hear dialog, and I am still not getting overwhelmed by loud effects. And for CDs, the PRO-ONE does a quite amazing job of reproducing surround sound from a stereo recording. In fact, the sound staging is amazing with these speakers. I can easily locate each individual instrument in a symphonic recording. And choirs feel as if the singers are right there in my living room. I was particularly thrilled listening to the first track on "The Falcon And The Snowman" soundtrack by Pat Metheny. Of course the best part with the EFE speakers is that they are girlfriend-approved. She wants me to hide all the other stereo equipment and the subwoofer, but the EFE speakers can stay in plain view. In fact, the T-42's are the perfect match for our big TV. They have just the right height to both look and sound good. And finally, Ed's customer support is exemplary! I love the prompt replies to all of my e-mails before I bought the speakers. And the fact that Ed is checking back after I have had the speakers for a while. It'll be a while before I'll need to buy any more stereo equipment, but I know I will consider looking at EFE products first.

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    Germany has a long-standing tradition of small HiFi manufacturers that sell locally. I bought a great set of stereo speakers many years ago, but never managed to ship them to the US. In today's dollars, the pair would be worth about $4000.

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