Dynaudio Confidence C7 Floorstanding Speakers

Confidence C7

For the C7, the largest Confidence model, Dynaudio developed a hybrid active solution for the bass section. In this design concept, the speaker is divided into two parts: the mid/tweeter section and the bass section. The mid/tweeter section operates as a normal passive loudspeaker, while the bass drivers are actively driven by an amplifier integrated into the cabinet and operate without a passive crossover.

The hybrid concept offers considerable advantages: First of all, the bass performance realized is much greater than what a passive solution could ever achieve simply due to physical limitations. No energy is wasted in the inductors and capacitors of the crossover. The active crossover offers flexibility to optimize the bass performance without losing efficiency, and adjustments can be made without inducing impedance and phase problems. The tuning of the bass driver in the individual cabinet can be optimized via electronic equalization, and presets for different room positioning options (e.g. free standing, near the back wall or in a corner) may be selected to achieve perfect results in any room. The amplifier has been designed specifically to optimally drive the C7 woofers in this application. As Dynaudio controlled both amplifier and loudspeaker design, the bass drivers can be regarded as a part of the amplifier circuit, and thus there are no interface problems as with many separate amplifier/speaker combinations.

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