Dynalab Audio Technologies SDA 3.8 Floorstanding Speakers

SDA 3.8

Model SDA 3.8, Digital Ready, 400 Watts, 8 OHMS,
Large Magnet Structure
38" Tall x 10" Wide x 12" Deep

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buton6   Audio Enthusiast [Mar 20, 2008]

The SDA model has two 8inch woofers, Midrange and tweeter, can sound very loud without distortion, great for parties. I have powered mine with HK and then Denon 3803 receiver and was always happy. I would like to give them more than 3 or 4 stars but when the company lies to you its impossible.


These don't have a linear response in any way. They exagerate what they feel like exagerating. You do have to watch out for the impedance as it dips to 4ohm when playing loud. My denon receiver would shut down after an hour at maximum volume unless I provided additional ventilation. I also tried them with ADCOM and SONY worked fine without shutting down.

WOW what can I say I got scammed, I actually thought that these were amazing speakers, i compared them to my 10in JBLs and these rocked, although back five, six years ago I had no idea what a "refined" audiophile sound was, I was happy, it just needed to be lound and sound good without distortion.

These didn't sound bad at all, when compared to likes of POLK LSI there is a huge difference in sound almost as big of a difference as bose, these are probably as bad or for some as good as bose.

I'd say if you spend $200-300 on these and they lasted you at least 5 years, you got a deal. Ignorance is bliss it helps when you don't know that white van speakers are a scam. I bet most would be happy if they bought them at audio boutique for 2-3 hundred.

Customer Service

Sucks what customer service

Similar Products Used: None, but you can count JBL, Infinity, POLK, Bose is in the same league
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