Davidson Loudspeaker Panga Floorstanding Speakers

Davidson Loudspeaker Panga Floorstanding Speakers 


A High-End ribbon and transmission line speaker system. Flat 22-20,000, 8 ohm, 90 db-1 watt sensitivity


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[Feb 05, 1999]
David McClune
an Audiophile

The Panga is a superb speaker from a small new company. I replaced a pair of QUAD ESL/63's with the Panga and I know owners of Magnapan 3.1 and Martin-Logan (near top model) who have traded for The Panga. I compared them to the large Nesterovic, Eggleston, and Avalon systems, before buying the Pangas. These other fine systems had many great qualities, but the Pangas just sounded more realistic and natural at producing a wide choice of music.
The Panga's consist of a 6 foot ribbon and a long transission line woofer system. The soundstage is huge as you expect with a line source style speaker. The bass is hard to describe. They actually are flat down to 22hz as measured in my large living room. The tonal quality is very natural. The timbre of bass instruments, whether percussion, string bass, or organ, are clear. I mean you hear the little differences between drum kits, between organ stops, etc. This is the finest and most realist bass and mid-bass I have ever heard. The company has designed a double woofer transmission line version which would please those who want heart thumping bass found in rock concerts. For me, the single is just neutral. If the recording is bass heavy, or bass shy, nothing is added.

The midrange and high end is quite good. The QUAD's might have a slight advantage as would be expected, but the extended highs and overall loudness/volume possible made buying the Pangas easy. These speakers sound great whether played soft or head banging level. Listen to Mahler or heavy metal, they just float along effortlessly.

Maybe I just like the underdog. These Panga's were a find for me. On guy drove 36 hours round trip to pick up a pair! The Davidson web site actually has some humor in it; what a change from the stuffy sites of large companies. Remember, Quad, Wilson, Vanderson, etc., all started small but had great products which redefined their products types. Give Davidson Loudspeaker's a chance!

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