Danavox Polestar Polestar VF-101 Floorstanding Speakers

Danavox Polestar Polestar VF-101 Floorstanding Speakers 


- 8.5” driver x 2pcs + 5” driver x1pc + 1”ceramic Dome tweeter
- Frequency Response: 35Hz ~ 20kHz ± 3dB
- Power Handing: 20 ~ 250watts
- Sensitivity: 91dB
- Impedance: 4 ~ 8ohms
- Dimension: 108cm(H) x 25cm(W) x 33.5cm(D)
- Weight: 28.5Kgs (each)


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[Feb 01, 2007]
Audio Enthusiast


Build,out of this world.Natural sound.value for money,superb for home theatre,nice vocal projection,not harsh treble.


Sounds a tad hard,bass is lumpy and a bit thumpy,a bit too much,maybe less depth and more quality,but I think its AV voiced.Better spikes needed,rear ports need fixing better.

I'd never heard of Danavox and there polestar brand of speakers,but was asked if I would like them try them out to see what I thought of them.So the nice people and Danavox in Taiwan sent me some models to try.
I was eager to try the VF 101 as it looked very impressive from the information Danavox sent to me,buisness was carried out in a professional,and effecient manner.
A few weeks wait,due to shipping,customs etc,the speakers arrived.First thing I noticed the speakers are double boxed,good,and very very profesionally packed,very happy in that regards.

Sliding the speakers out of the boxes,i'm greeted by a beautiful smell,the wood smells great.like the feeling you get when you buy a new car,a nice" i'm first to own this",kind of feeling.You also notice how heavy this speaker is,and for it's price it is very heavy,so be careful when unpacking!!

Getting the speakers out of the plastic protection bags, i,m greeted by a most beautiful looking speaker,conservatively styled,but absolutely first rate finish,the real wood veneer has a real touch of class to it,smooth,elegant,created by real
craftsman,i'm pleasently suprised at the finish of the product,the laquer applied to the outersides of the speakers is perfect,uniform,it really does look a classy product,for the price it's a down right giveaway,i'm as pleased now,6 months down the line,with the build quality of the speaker,as I was when I first set eyes on it.

So how does it sound? I compared it to two speakers I had on hand,one was the Monitor Audio RS8,a very well reviewed UK speakers,that to me is bright and sounds like dustbin lids,hard as nails,in yer face,and un natural,by comparision,even straight out of the box,the Danavox VF 101 sounded far more pleasent,and far more natural!!!

I gave the speakers a good few weeks run in,to let them losen up.Firstly you need a big room for the speaker,they are big,they weigh a ton,a very impressive 29Kilo each!!Two massive rear ports can be found around the back of the speaker,the speaker has a ceramic dome tweeter,a small midrange unit,and two large bass drivers,at 8.5",so expect big bass!!!

The speakers has a very effecient,and easy to drive 91db,so go loud very easily.After listening to the speakers for a while now,a sonic signiture has become apparent to me.I found for the price the Danavox VF 101 to be quite a naturally voiced speaker,alot of speakers are voiced to impress from the off,they can sound impressive at the beginning,but gets warey after a short period of time.The Danavox VF101,doesn't have thoes traits and sound more natural,only when placed along side more exspensive designs do some weaknesses appear.

In it's favor the VF101 sounds natural,has great presence and highlights the vocals well,it tends to push them,slightly too forward,I was using to listen to the speakers,a Sonneteer Bronte CD and amp combination.Vocals were clear,well presented,and inflection in the voices could be heard,small breathes,and such like were well picked up,on the downside,I did find it slightly hard,and would have preferd a slighly more relaxed,polite,presentation in the vocal range,I used robert palmer and annie lennox among a few other vocalist,and generally was pleased the way the midrange was presented.It did stand out of the grand scheme of things,but its probably the way they voice there speakers,to make the vocals stand out.

Bass,was big,a bit too much personally,as i like a rather bass light presentation,these speakers I feel would be very well suited to home theatre,I think they are primerally voiced for home theatre,bass was a tad thumpy,uneven,but for rock,reggae,I think they would suit thoes genres fine.

For classical the speakers sound very good,you really do get alot of bang for your buck with these speakers,some minor complaints are a bit harsh for such an affordable speaker,treble is smooth,well detailed,by could do with a bit more refinement,and openess.

All in all,a give away for the price,i'd imagine ,it would sound great with valves,it buit like a tank,too extremly high class finish,it sounds exellent,very capable in both home theatre and music,well done Danavox for exellence at affordable prices.

Customer Service

Exellent,efficient.listen and helpful,good company!!!will do well!

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