Dali Suite 1.7 Floorstanding Speakers

Suite 1.7

  • Frequency response (Hz) 42-25.000
  • Crossover frequency (Hz) 2.200
  • Sensitivity (2,83V/1m.) dB 89,0
  • High frequency driver 1 x 1"
  • Low/midrange drivers 2 x 5"

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leovaneechoud   Audio Enthusiast [Aug 04, 2008]

Very good looks,
Able to produce a strong, sober clear cut impressive bass (2x160w amp),
Well balanced realistic sound.
Surprisigly high value for the money.


Take some weeks to develop. High is improving but could be more delicate.
Needs power I think.

Shopped around for something completely new in the range of euro 5.000 but with the sound still in my ears of equipment of euro 35.000 as reference.
Nothing compared.
Decided to test a small repair shop with my NAD 2200 of days gone by. The bill was 65 for new relais and elco's. The heat is on again!
Waited untill the offer of the Dali Suite 1.7 for euro 249 came by max 160 w at 4ohm. That was exactly what the 2200 can effortlesly produce.
At first I was a little dissappointed but the looks are great and may be I would get used to the noise and I could always try to blow them up.
Eventually at times the sound started to suprise me, the noise became endurable.
Bought some midprice 50 cm audio cables the new life of my NAD set and replaced the speakers 3 mtrs apart.
It started with the bass that became strong, extremely controlled and no resonance in a couple of weeks. The high frequencies still a bit harsh but at times very attractive depending on the quality af the recordings.
Now after three weeks I just can't stop listening. A facinating sound coming somehow out of those slender cases. Strong, sober and direct. Not warm and friendly though.
But I can hear a piano, Mahler 3, even the violin.
Now I am looking for hardstone tiles to put the spikes on and it would not surprise me anymore when delicacy in the highs will show in the next few weeks.

Marcel Herrebrugh   AudioPhile [Oct 30, 2006]

Dynamics, balance, natural and......yes also power.


Looks: limited choise of colour.

At first I would like to state that the problem of giving a review on the quality of a soundsystem, or in this case loudspeakers, is strongly related with the individual taste of the listener. A second problem is budget, because one can shop within vast and unlimeted price-field. A third and very personal problem is that I have an absolute hearing, wich means that I can't enter a hifi store without having problems with my budget.
Going shopping for new speakers I choose deliberly for clear and unremovable pricefrontiers. On the other hand I made the choise to do a real investment in speakercables and interconnectors.
This stratagy paid off. Less money on the amp and spaekers but no shortage on the connectors, connecting the diverent elements of the soundsystem.

This is my system: Dali floorstanding speakers suit 1.7, NAD C352 inegrated amp, Technics sl1200 mk2 (upgrated with new cable and gold connectors), project phono pre-amp, Denon DL 160 high-end mc element, ISOX 100. x03 studio connect balanced silver, ISOX speakercable 4mm silver plated.
The Dali speakers are bi-wired wich gives more dynamics, openess and colour to the sound.
In one sentence: these spaekers do perform with outstanding class and subtility.
Every detail is alive, not to bright, not to much bass. A sound in balance. Now a days people their ears are poisened with to much bass. Most of the time unatural deep, sub or whatever. Midrange, the frequences in wish our ear performs best, is most offen forgotten. Wanting speakers to be able to give those unnatural deep base one has to pay unrealistic amounts of money.
The Dali suit 1.7 gives a balanced and natural sound for a balanced price. It gives me all the detail I want to hear off my records. These speakers have exceptional good timing in this pricesegment so it will give listeners of jazz, dance, pop, rock and classical music equial pleasure.
And having a NAD amp of 100 watts, playing on a 4 ohm 160 watts Dali suit 1.7 speakersytem: it's a lot of sound for a livingroom.


Marcel Herrebrugh
The Netherlands

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