Dali Royal Scepter Floorstanding Speakers

Royal Scepter

  • Frequency Response (+3db) : 60 Hz - 25kHz
  • Crossover Frequency : 3,6 kHz
  • Sensitivity : 88 db
  • Maximum SPL : 105 db
  • High Frequency Driver : 3/4" soft dome
  • Low Frequency Driver : 5"
  • Bass Reflex System Resonance : 42.5 Hz

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czterypory   Audio Enthusiast [Dec 03, 2008]

1. Natural full sound
2. Pleanty of smooth, never harsh details
3. Great 3D soundstage - very easy to position
4. Perfectly and beautifly build
5. Saves space in smaller appartments
6. The save money - a chase for the better is over!


Maybe one - could be still 150 $ cheaper :)

After two years of listening it's high time to say: perfect speakers for the comfortable money (though could be less :). My first review comes here also because it's really hard to find any good words about them.

So he go mine: small, beautiful boxes, natural veneer - possibly one of the last great DALI speakers of old era (sorry to say I don't like their new series at all). They came came after a few years spent with DALI 104 - when changing my room for a smaller one (12 sq.m.) I could not believe that listening of such small speakers may give any pleasure at all.

From the very start one could feel: a big class, great style (as always of course on comparable price level - but here also it its objective meaning :) and no need to analyze separate levels of sound stage. Enough is to listen and have a great fun. With no planning to spend bigger money for sth. else - they will get older as the good red wine.

Speaking of an old DALI school of loudspeaker industry: Scepters are like a velvet, they play warmly and softly not loosing any details, are always ready hit fast and accuratly. Of course they are not made to produce the deep low frequency thrills but unexpectedly they know how to surprize drum fans. Without the knowledge much about M- and K Hertz I can say: they are absolutely astonishing on the level of bass, performing similary well cellos and violins (for the first time I listen with pleasure to the classical music) - they sound crispy, reflecting the thrill of the strings while playing.

Scepters are (and were) not easy to get, in my country (depite the sheer popularity of the DALI brand) they were never officialy distributed alike the remaining models from the ROYAL series (two more monitors, one floorstandings and one central). Anyway I think stiil possible to find via internet and worth spending money - but as written above there are cheaper.

After (careful I admit) cables exchanges SCEPTERS played good with both transistor and tube amps

To conclude: last month I thought of an exchange. After direct comparison with monitors from Acoustic Energy and Monitor Audio, small floor speakers from canadian TOTEM (don't remember the name) and EPOS (M16i) I 've kept DALI.

I realize my system is not a hi-end level. But also I know it's good enough to stop longer seeking and chasing the rabbit :) My money I keep for my family, friends and .. the records.

Similar Products Used: Many - among the others and as above: up to 2000 $ monitors and floor speakers from Acoustic Energy, Monitor Audio, Epos, Totem, Usher all went back to dealers!
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