Dali Mentor 6 Floorstanding Speakers

Mentor 6

The MENTOR 6 is the first floor standing speaker in the MENTOR Series.

The driver configuration of MENTOR 6 is a 2½ way bass reflex speaker with 2 x 6.5" proprietary bass/midrange drivers and the newest generation of the proprietary DALI ribbon/soft dome hybrid tweeter module. However, as the dome and the ribbon do not cover the same frequency range, one could call it a 2½ plus ½ way. The advantage is accurate sound with high frequencies suitable for SACD and DVD-Audio recordings.

As all MENTOR models, the MENTOR 6 features a luxurious matt laquer and real wood veneer finish, curved front and rear, as well as paper/wood fibre cones and the hybrid tweeter module.

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Henrik   AudioPhile [Sep 14, 2015]

I went to the Danish audio shop HiFi-Klubben, but they didn't have the set in the shop. To compensate for that, they gave me a demo of the new Dali set Opticon as they are very similar to the Mentor series.
After one hour of several cd's, I took the chance and bought the set of Mentor 6 speakers.

Just as soon as I got the speakers home and got them connected, I began with some heavy bass motion. They can be a little stiff in the beginning, but after a month or so, depending on how many hours of music that is put into them, they showed their real face. Boy, I'm impressed; the midrange, the low's from the dual 6,5" bass/mid and the silky high tweeter and ribbon, makes this an eye-opener.
I was very satisfied with my old Dali Suite 3.5, having a great sound and able to perform 3D soundstage, but they are so much left behind by the Mentors.

They continue to impress me with the music they can provide. The soundstage is clear and powerful, without the boomy bass. The mid- and highrange present women vocals with so much impression, that it gives me goosebumps.

This set did cost me a lot of money, but I'm so thrilled about them, that it's almost forgotten.
I'm listening to them through an XTZ Class A-100 50W Class A amp and my SONY CDP-XA555ES.
Connections are by Viablue SC-4 biwire.

By them, you will be impressed.

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