Dali Ikon 5 Floorstanding Speakers

Ikon 5

Ikon 5

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wkas   Audio Enthusiast [Nov 25, 2007]

Small size (if you want that), reasonably attractive.


May be a bit bright for some electronics.
Bass may be a little light for some music (but certainly adequate for what I listen to).

I was out shopping for a speaker in the $1000-1500 range, and while I didn't buy the Ikon 5's (I ended up buying a pair of demo Ikon 6's for not much more money), I thought that the 5's were astonishingly good as well. The sound is neutral and uncolored, but not lean or analytical. The sound is fairly forward and a bit on the bright side, but without glare or stridency. Superb soundstaging as well, but sounded fine away from the "sweet spot". Excellent "presence" at low volume.

At the same store, I listened to the B&W 683's and Paradigm Reference Studio 60's (out of the price range, but I was curious, since I've been using a pair of Studio 20's for 5-6 years). It was really no contest. I suppose that the B&W's had more bass, but that was about it - compared to the Ikon 5's, they sounded dull and muddy. The Paradigm's sounded thin and analytical, with a touch of grain that I didn't like at all. I've also listened to the Monitor RS6's elsewhere, and I found the Ikons (both the 5's and 6's) to be a bit fuller and less analytical sounding.

I don't really know how these would sound on non-classical music (I don't listen to much), but the Ikon 5's sounded fabulous with pretty much anything from solo piano to Mahler. Chamber music was fabulous.

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