Dali Concept 8 Floorstanding Speakers

Concept 8

  • 3-way system
  • 8" woofers
  • 5" midrange driver
  • 1" controlled dispersion textile dome tweeter
  • Sensitivity (2,83V/1m.) [dB] 90
  • Nominal Impedance [Ohm] 6

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johne   Casual Listener [Sep 11, 2005]

Finish Size Price Appearance Refined yet full sound without needing a sub


Size (well, my wife thinks they are too big) Need a good amp to drive them

I finally decided to upgrade my Hi Fi from my original 1970s setup consisting of Interaudio 4000 speakers and a TEAC DC AMP when I bought a nice Top-end Pioneer Receiver with a Boston Surround System second hand at auction. I knew I needed some new speakers. I had taken the tweeters out of the Interaudios and used them as satellites in 4 different locations to good effect (they are normally mounted on a bracket on the face of the speaker box). While they sounded good, with the Boston Surrounds on as well, they looked bad, and one of the tweeters was torn. I'd been going into Hi Fi shops now for a couple of months, listening to all different kinds of speakers and felt most comfortable paying around $1500 a pair. That is about the start at many Hi Fi shops but JB Hi Fi sell a range of lower end product as well as Dalis and Jamo so I decided to choose from their offerings. I Listened to Wellings, Jensen, AAD and Wharfedale to name a few. I was particularly attracted to Jamo and Mordant Short as they offered what seemed to be a higher quality finish. The Dali suite series were appealing to me as well. When I came across the Dali Concept 6 and 8s, it was clear these really suited me. The 8 compared to all the otrhers, even the Jamos at the same price, produced a fuller, richer sound. Many of the others weer fine, but needed the help of a sub. Dalis exelled at fine guitar work as much as heavey rock, and even though they are a 3-way, didnt have too much mid range, even at high volumes. I went to three difdferent stores with different set ups and played everything from Jazz to Incubus and these speakers had the best, most refined, fullest sound in all cases. They seemed to do really well with rock music, as they are so big and powerful, but they give the thumping bass and screeching guitar a classy, refined presecence. I know that I was comparing them withs peakers that had 6 inch woofers, while these have 8s, but that's the price range they were in - they are such good value for money. The list proce in Australia is $1899 and I barganed JBs down to $1150. For that kind of price I was looking at a smallish 2 way Jamo, or I could have had some Wellings with a sub I guess. But I think Speakers are so important and you have them so long, its not worth trying to get them too cheap. Nor is it necessary to spend $2500!

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