Cerwin Vega CMX-26 Floorstanding Speakers

Cerwin Vega CMX-26 Floorstanding Speakers 


With the Cerwin-Vega CMX-26 CMX Series 6 2.5-Way Floor Speaker, you will enjoy amazing sound quality with 150-Watt power handling.


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[Dec 28, 2020]


Have owned these for close to 10 years, and it took me that long to figure out that they needed more power to reach their potential!. I always felt that they were a bit muddy, lacking in detail, lacking range and dialogue for movies, and lacking clear bass for music. I have tried them on several different AV and Stereo receivers (Yamaha, Sony, Nakamichi), and they always sounded similar on each - BUT they were all rated at 80-100W/CH. I figured that was plenty. HOWEVER, I recently upgraded from a 95W/CH AV receiver to a 130W/CH @ 8 Ohms receiver and the difference is NIGHT and DAY. They sound freaking amazing and the difference is uncanny. The dynamic range opened right up, great higher freqs, perfect midrange and now have a beautiful, deep, clear bass. If you have these and don't like them, don't write them off till you try them on a good amp! I'm scoring these 5/5 based on the price. Connected to a really good receiver/amp, they are awesome. Can't be beat by anything near their price range imo. And you can pick them up used for a way undervalued price nowadays.


Beware, based on my experience, their sound is really dependent on what you drive them with; more than any other speaker I've listened to. If you drive these with anything less than 100W/Ch, they simply don't sound great at all. Weak dialogue in movies and muddy through the whole range. They're still not bad, but definitely not great. You need as close to their 150W rating as you can get, then they will make you feel like you made a great find! The Yamaha RX-V2065 I am driving them with is a perfect match imo. - Also, they have a front and rear port so they need to be positioned 3-4 feet out from the wall. They simply do not sound good if too close to the wall. If within 2 feet, it really brings back the muddiness/flatness that I mentioned above.

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