Cerwin Vega AL-750 Floorstanding Speakers

Cerwin Vega AL-750 Floorstanding Speakers 


High End & Rock-loudspeaker


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[Jul 25, 1999]
E. Vos
an Audiophile

Never before i had heard so much dynamic power. But that was not theonly thing, they sounded good: Pop, Rock, and believe it or not,
also classic music was thrilling through my body and mind! Cerwin
Vega speakers have the image that they can only sound good with
rock music. I've listened very critically to the Al 750, comparing
them with another brands of speakers. The longer i listened to them,
the more i became in love with them. I think that they can handle
power so much easily that the sound will stay clear without distortion,
whatever happens with dynamics in music. While much hifi or high-end
speakers produce distortions when the music becomes dynamic, the Cerwins
will stay cool. They don't produce distortion at those moments, they
play hard and clear! And everything seems and sounds to be under control!
I will surely buy these speakers! If somebody is searching for
good hifi (high-end) sound, don't forget to listen to these Cerwins.
The tweeters sounds clear bit will never shreek. I have heard enough
another (hifi / expensive)speakers in my live which shreeked the violons, cutting my brains in pieces. The Cerwins did sound normal and natural. The
mid-tones did sound clear but never aggressive. And the bass was
something i've never heard on this earth! Powerful, deep, dynamic,
but very very very under control! Okay, maybe the amplifier was very
good, maybe the room did have good acoustic properties, i don't know.
Of course my personnel rating is 5 stars. Very personnel, i know.
But besides that, i think that these Cerwins are good products,
made of high quality components. And they have to, because they
must handle big power. Maybe that's the reason why i did hear that
great control in producing music. They can do it so easily because
they can do a lot of more dynamic power then normal hifi speakers.
With these home-speakers, i did hear for the first time a live concert
of Steve-Miller band in a little room! For the first time in my live
i heard the full dynamic range of CD's, without shreeking tweeters,
or too bumpy basses. They say, that they are designed for rock & roll.
In my opinion that's only the half of the truth. They play all kinds of
music very well. And if you want, they can do it loud and clear!

[Jul 28, 1999]
an Audio Enthusiast

Excellent sound quality for your dollar. I picked up mine at Advance for $1200. These babies can really perform. I enjoy them thoroughly for video as well. High quality sound in all ranges.

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