Boston Acoustics VS 344 Floorstanding Speakers

VS 344

  • Quadruple 4-1/2" (114mm) OCCM woofers
  • 4-1/2" (114mm) OCCM midrange
  • 1" (25mm) SWB tweeter

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tomg   Casual Listener [Jul 07, 2011]

I picked these up with one unit damaged...looked like it fell over and landed on it's side. There was separation on the base and chips of the red finish on the side of the top cherry wood. Boston had no replacements for the wood base, and suggested I take it to a furniture restorer. I fixed it up myself using a couple of shades of cherry red car touch up paint for the top and black gloss touch up paint for the base once I glued it back together. With all the curves and reflections, you can't see the repairs unless you're looking real close.

I have had other Boston speakers including VR40, VRM-50 and VRM-60 book shelf speakers. I also have a VS-224 center speaker and a pair of VS-240 speakers I use in another room. The VS series sound slightly different from my other Boston speakers and they aren't as efficient. I wouldn't say they are better or worse...just slightly different. I'd say "smoother" without as much mid range bite. I will say that all the VS speakers I have a similar timbre...the VS-240 and the VS-344 sound just about the same as long as you are using a can be hard to tell them apart. However the VS-344 has a smoother midrange sound. Of course, the VS-344 has much better bass by and solid....a subwoofer helps with the deep bottom. You can bi-amp the VS-344 if you want to have positive control of the bass.

I also use a VS-224 with the towers. This speaker has more midrange punch than either the VS-344 or the VS-240 bookshelves. I have tried the VS-240 as a front speaker, and it sounded just fine...I suspect the VS-224 will perform better at higher volumes.

While these are still current models, folks are starting to discount them and selling used ones for about 1/3 the MSLP, so you can now find some bargains if you aren't too particular about the color. I got a good deal on mine...for me the value was a "5". All in all, the finish and looks are great on these speakers. I have some that are cherry tops with black sides and grills, and my center has maple end caps. One thing you don't notice in the photos is the thickness of the end caps...on the VS-240 and VS-244, they top is thinner than the VS-344. I assume the VS-260 and the VS-344 also have thinker end caps.

Because the VS series is not as efficient, I'd suggest using an amp with lots of low distortion power. I have tried a couple of receivers with my VS speakers and the better the amp, the better they sound.

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