Bamberg Engineering Sound Lab (BESL) Series 5-mtm Floorstanding Speakers

Bamberg Engineering Sound Lab (BESL) Series 5-mtm Floorstanding Speakers 


Kit Speaker. Price is for assembled. Formerly known as the Series 2.4XL.


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[Oct 04, 2000]
Audio Enthusiast


Huge soundstage, dynamic, well balanced sound


Deep Bass ( f3 about 60hz)

(This model is now the Model 5)
I have the prototype of the BESL 2.4XL(Now called the Model 5) which uses the older EXCEL T25 tweeter. The current version uses the better/"more expensive" SEAS Millenium tweeter.

My prototype started as a refinement to the SEAS Odin design. The 2.4xl has a much smoother response than the stock Odin design, especially in the lower treble where the Seas Excel Magnesium Woofer can be especially troublesome. The 2.4xl does not have the bass extension of the stock design, but it is optimized for better blend with a subwoofer. Still, the subjective bass response seems much more extended than the specs would lead you to believe.

I liked the concept of the MTM, but never warmed up to any of the models I heard. I originally thought it was a problem with the design philosophy..the soundstage always sounded narrow and restricted. That was until I heard the BESL 2.4XL.

These speakers throw an extremely large, detailed image, similar to a planar speaker , but with better dynamics and driver integration than a planar type speaker in its price range. The bass is satisfying and I have yet to add a subwoofer. I enjoy these speakers more than any speaker I have owned, including the Legacy Classics.

The detail in the cabinet design is truly incredible. The cabinet is very solid and the insides of the woofer cutouts have "really cool" scallopped edges. Each driver is mounted in its own compartment, and the crossover is mounted in a separate compartment on the removeable rear panel.

I believe Phil measures the response of each speaker and tweaks the crossover so that each speaker matches his reference speaker to a very tight tolerance. My speakers also included frequency response graphs. A nice final touch to a very distinctive product. Highly recommended.

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