Bamberg Engineering Sound Lab (BESL) Model 1.2 Floorstanding Speakers

Bamberg Engineering Sound Lab (BESL) Model 1.2 Floorstanding Speakers 


Kit speaker, price is for assembled


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[Aug 10, 2000]
Audio Enthusiast


Excellent detail, accuracy, transparency, and soundstaging. Will also play quite loud.


Some listeners may find them slightly bright sounding in some rooms.

These are really fantastic sounding speakers. They will image quite well in most rooms, but given one with good acoustics or acoustics treatment they can image with such pinpoint accuracy and that it is really spooky. They are able to project a soundstage of amazing depth. I am not able to detect any colorations in their presentation. In rooms that are a bit live, some listeners may find the 1.2's a little bright. Give the room a little bit of treatment though and all that is left is an amazingly neutral and very nonfatigueing sound.

These speakers were designed from the outset to be combined with the BESL subs to form an active 3-way full range system. The sealed cabinet limits bass extension of the monitors to make them blend better with the subs. It also limits excursion which allows these little speakers to play very loud. Even without the subs they can provide a very satisfying musical experience.

I ordered these as a kit with assembled, finished cabinets. The quality of the cabinets was impeccable. They are also available as a finished speaker for those who don't want to spend time DIYing.

I can heartily recommend the 1.2's to anyone looking for a musical speaker that will still present all the detail in the recording. For a more detailed review of these speakers, see my website at

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