Avantgarde UNO Floorstanding Speakers

Avantgarde UNO Floorstanding Speakers 


  • 4-inch midrange driver
  • 2.5-inch dome
  • High-frequency tweeter


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[Aug 27, 2005]


Transparency Lifesize image High Efficiency


Physically large, but so what?!

I have the Avantgarde Unos in my main hifi system, run by BAT CD, Preamp and Amp. I've heard many friends' and acquaintances' systems. Most have some significant things going for them. In fact, almost all are fun to hear and you can see the characteristics the owner liked. But none do what the Unos do in terms of transparency and immediacy. Specifically, with voices, the Unos are unmatched with any speaker I've heard. I've heard the Duos and Trios. The Duos in particular sound very similar- just a little bigger and since the Unos were stretching my wallet as it was, I'm fine with them. Having had Rogers, Maggies and other esoteric speakers over the years, the Unos certainly are special. I'm a femaile singer lover among other things. The Unos project a huge, life sized image. After hearing Unos, when I go to any other system it sounds polite and small. You don't hear the breathy air that comes with a real person singing. Overtones on guitars and pianos are much more real. You don't have to strain to hear them. You don't have to blast the system. When you listen to the Unos you really do have the feeling that there's no veil between you and the music. When I've heard any other speaker, even Maggies with ribbons, they're just harder to get started. A definite advantage for me is that the Unos sound great at low volume. When the kids go to bed early during the school year especially, this is a real factor. I've heard many a system that sounds nice if you get it cranked up. However, if you have a growing family you rarely have that freedom to let it rip. I recommend you buy an Eva Cassidy CD and play her on a pair of Unos to hear what I mean. It's like she's right there singing to you. She has a gorgeous voice. She's done a handful of CDs. I have them all and they're all winners. But my favorite is her singing John Lennon's "Imagine" with her guitar. I suspect Lennon would have had the same goosebumps I do listening to Eva sing it!

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