Avantgarde Solo Floorstanding Speakers

Avantgarde Solo Floorstanding Speakers 


  • 250-watt amplifier integrated
  • Avantgarde soft-start turn on circuit
  • Active crossover integrated
  • Low frequency filter integrated
  • Speaker level input integrated
  • Line level input integrated


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[Oct 30, 2007]
Audio Enthusiast


imaging, dynamics, resolution at low and high levels. high and low pass filters on each speaker. floating ground switchable
no need for a separate power amp


very very heavy
support column supposed to take pre-amp cables but little room for any but the thinnest cable.
remote power sensing switch should be included at this price but isn't so speakers have to be turned on/off individually.

these horn loaded speakers look more like jumbo jet engines than speakers! They have 2 concentric horn loaded drivers and each includes n integrated solid state 250W amplifier, somewhat mitigating the cost. This was my first experience with solid state amplification for many years but the combination of the speakers and amplifiers sound invisible. these are speakers with very little sound of their own, they disappear very impressively into a wide and deep soundstage with accurate imaging and a lot of detail. When you rediscover your Cd and vinyl collection again, you know that you've bought something special. These speakers are so detailed that they encourage you to reduce the volume! unlike many speakers they don't require high sound levels to impress, it's the detail that remains at low levels that is a sign of a high resolution system. 2 large bass drivers ensure a full frequency response with little need for a sub-woofer.

Customer Service

prompt email support from Avantgarde in Germany. Corresponded with my pre-amp manufacturer to establish compatibility.

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