Audiowell A - 102 Floorstanding Speakers

Audiowell A - 102 Floorstanding Speakers 


floorstander, two way, front ported, black


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[Jan 26, 1999]
an Audio Enthusiast

Finland seems to be the land of mobile telephones and loudspeakers!
During last november and december I have been looking for the Hi-Fi of my dreams, having though a very small budget but still high-end ambitions.

Because of the former factor I did not want to disregard also those shops selling consumer electronics in general, like microwave ovens, washing machines, and cheap stereos - on the other hand you never know!

So, once I happened to crawl in one of these shops, for having a look on their offer for cd-players and speakers. A pair of black floorstander speakers caught my attention: in that moment they were mute, but that's my favourite kind of speakers. I thought, "well, possibly you can't distinguish the voice of Pavarotti from the one of Maria Callas with those boxes".

But twenty seconds of their music were pretty enough to shut my mouth and clear all prejudices out of my mind. They were great, detailed, with a great dynamic and timing! I couldn't believe what my ears were hearing. At the incredible price of about 150 USD the producers have done a miracle!
Besides, they were plugged to very normal equipment: very basic Pioneer cd-player and amp, and through very poor cables (those supplied with the components).

I decided to take them home, and try with a bit better stuff:
amp: Marantz PM 68
CD-player: Denon DCD 735
interconnects: Audioquest Jade 1m
speaker cable: Tara Labs Klara.

The dynamics and detail coming out of these speakers increased remarkably, and I was pleasd to hear they were also able to reproduce the "presence" that the above amp is capable to add to low frequences - which I really don't mind!
The Audiowell A - 102 became even a bit more precise, possibly thanks to the better signal and channel separation provided by the cd-player.

Pink Floyd's music (Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You were Here) came out in all its power, voices like Seal's (Human Being, Seal) and Eric Clapton's (Unplugged)
were reproduced in all their warmth, and basses as those created by Massive Attack (Mezzanine) and Prodigy (The fat of the land) vibrated all around.

I am much more than satisfied with these speakers: I am amazed! And this is the reaction also of a friend of mine, who owns Genelec Active speakers (which second hand price was about 10 times higher than mine!)

A final word on the producer. This Audiowell seems to be (can I say that?!) just a brand of the possibly more famous OR, a Finnish manufacturer of loudspeakers. My congratulations to the sound engineers of this company!

Even though the speakers seem not to like some acute female voices and (possibly the whole system) old recordings (e.g. King Crimson from late Sixties), my overall rating for them can't be anything else than a full one!

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