Audio Vector M2 Floorstanding Speakers

Audio Vector M2 Floorstanding Speakers 


It share the SES 2407 treble system with the M3 to achieve a remarkably good treble performance and soundstage for this price class.


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[Sep 14, 2007]
Les adams
Audio Enthusiast


Very balanced and beautifully presented sound at all listening levels. Build quality. Easy to drive.


Carefull placement required or they can sound "boomy".Need to be away from corners / walls

I purchased these speakers as "new old stock" from Unilet in New Malden who were once the UK distributor for Audio Vector. I was looking for a bargain and I certainly got one! These speakers retailed at £1499 a pair a few years ago and if I were spending that kind of money today I would have paid the price as they are quite amazing and certainly in my opinion, give similarly priced current models a run for their money! At £299 for the pair there was nothing close!

These speakers do exactly what they are supposed to do; they involve the listener in the performance. Every instrument and sound is defined, perfectly placed in the soundstage and with a clarity that I have heard in very few loudspeakers at any price. Piano, acoustic or synthetic bass, percussion, vocals, rock and classical - and acoustic music - guitars - just throw any combination or style at these speakers and you will hear every detail in a beautifully balanced and perfectly presented manner. For those who love long listening sessions you will not experience any fatigue with the M2' will just want more and start digging into your music collection to hear instruments in the mix that you never heard before!

My setup is comparatively modest. For vinyl I use a Garrard 401 in a skeletal plinth, an SME 3009S2imp (non-detachable shell) arm fitted with a Shure V15Vxmr cartridge and a Trichord Dino phono stage. I have a Denon 3801 AV receiver (used only as a control unit) and a Quad 405-2 power amp. For CD's I have an Arcam 8SE. All interconnects are Van Den Hul 102.

These speakers are very easy to drive and the Quad has no problem getting them to achieve high volume levels without running out of steam.

The M2's also sound incredible at all volume levels, so late night listening or having a good blasting session I love them! I really can’t see why I will ever want another pair of speakers.

The only problem you may have is finding a pair, but if you do, BUY THEM!

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