Aperion Audio Intimus 633-T Floorstanding Speakers

Aperion Audio Intimus 633-T Floorstanding Speakers 


  • Silk-Dome Tweeter
  • Anti-Resonant Cabinet
  • Acoustically Transparent Grille
  • Long-Throw Composite 6.5” Woofers


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[Jul 25, 2009]
David Hall

Absolutely fantastic. Aperion is a direct-to-consumer audio company out of Portland OR, and it continues to astound me the value these type of businesses can offer. I also own an Odyssey Audio Stratus SE Plus, which is a high-end ampligier made by another direct-to-market manufacturer. In each case, you are buying equipment that is half price in every respect. The Aperion 633T, and their new model the 6T, competes with every single speaker in the $2,000 range. Every one. Period. The soft-dome tweeter offers superb highs that are not etched or overly bright, while the two 6-1/2" carbon fiber (yes, real carbon fiber) mid-bass drivers provide bass down to a genuine 38hz without strain. Airy, clean and musical. Absolutely no listener fatigue even after hours (I've tried). Great value. I hate to see the audio stores dwindling away, but there's simply no way thay can compete with this fine product. Oh, and by the way, the REAL CHERRY veneer cabinets are beautiful furniture, and weigh 70 lbs. EACH. Buy them!!

[Oct 22, 2008]
Audio Enthusiast


The 6Ts have great slam, great bass (don't really need a sub for most tracks) and filled the room nicely with a great center soundstage. In fact, you'd swear that the center channel was on, but it wasn't. That's how well the Aperions imaged. Great dynamics too, especially on movies.

Great for Rock 'n' Roll, pop, hip-hop, movies, some jazz & classical, and most television soundtracks. Not so good for vocals and subtle harmonies, such as what you'd get in country, blues, folk, or some jazz.

If you've got a large room and only $1K to spend for a great set of tower speakers that sound good to great with most music. A bigger room is better than a smaller room for these big boys. My room is ~20 x 20 and they fill it nicely with punchy sound.


While they have a great soundstage, it is all centered. The soundstage doesn't extend much to the left or right of each speaker and there is little sense of soundstage depth (e.g., the singer is in front of the piano or there are two distinct voices singing a duo). On movies with a 5.1 track, this centeredness is less apparent, but still sounds don't come from way outside the speaker, just to the right or left of the speaker.

Tonally, these speakers strike me as bright, congested, and a fair amount of emphasis on mid bass, which makes them a bit boomy unless you are careful about placement or equalization. As such, string bass sounds a bit slow and boomy if you're not careful (true with many speakers).

Subtleties such as vocal harmonies, small scale ensembles, attack/decay sounds on a guitar/bass string are not well represented. All the notes are probably there, but you either can't hear the detail or it isn't convincingly represented.

They only sound their best at mid volume. Lower the vol, you loose detail. Crank it and it sounds muddled and messy.

My litmus test for midrange is from the DQ10s...when someone is talking on the soundtrack, it sounds like someone is talking in the room. To be fair, very few speakers have even come close to this and certainly none that cost ~$1K for the pair. So, please don't discount the 633Ts just because I compare them to my personal gold standard.

I've had these speakers for about a year now. I bought them because I need to take up less room with the HT system (you know, WAF, and all that). While they are very, very good for the price, I ultimately found that they had unconvincing midrange, tone, and soundstage and returned to my old primary front speakers: a set of refurbished Dahlquist DQ -10s that still sound magical to me after owning them since 1985.

If you're looking for a great all around speaker for HT and most music, the 633Ts are hard to beat on value. Also, these speakers are very well built and beautiful to boot. The Aperions sound better than most speakers I've heard in the sub $1.5K range.

If you're looking for a lot of midrange detail and a holographic soundstage, these are not what you'd want IMHO. FWIW, I also own a pair of Aperion 5Ts (a smaller and newer speaker with less tho' decent bass), and I find their midrange & soundstage much more realistic & satisfying, but alas not up to the Dahlquists either.

Customer Service

Excellent service from Aperion. Unfortunately, I decided that I didn't want them after the 30 day free trial period expired. And I'm not interested in upgrading them to the newer version (the 6T), which Aperion would also do.

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