Aperion Audio Intimus 5T Floorstanding Speakers

Aperion Audio Intimus 5T Floorstanding Speakers 


Floorstanding 2.5 way spekaer


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[Feb 25, 2009]
Audio Enthusiast

I bought these (little) tower speakers for my back channels in an HT installation. Through a combination of events (dying old front speakers, less interest in 5.1 movies, less space), I moved these guys to be my primaries and I use a REL Stentor II as a sub with them.

While the 5Ts aren't state of the art, they provide amazing value for the money, especially if you care about midrange. I've lived with an old (and rebuilt) set of Dahlquist DQ10s for over 20 years and got spoiled by the midrange detail (albeit, they sound awfully veiled and tired now). I also have a pair of Aperion 633-Ts, but I don't like the midrange in those guys...too congested, too harsh, too nasally...too much emphasis on big, not pleasant to my ears, sound. Off to eBay with those!

IMHO, Aperion finally got the midrange right with the 5Ts.

So the 5Ts are sitting in the primary position and sounding pretty nice to my ears at this point, being driven by a B & K 7250 amp (200W x 5 channels), an older Sony ES preamp, an OPPO cd player running analog outs, and a ton of high quality cables and Shunyata power conditioners on dedicate powerd outlets.

Strengths of these speakers
Nicely detailed midrange that makes voices sound natural (tho' not the spooky in the room voices from the old DQ10s)
Nice dynamics for the size
Great soundstage, wide and deep, with precise instrument/voice location
Easy to follow individual instruments with nice dynamics
Small footprint, easy to place, and easy, easy to drive
Don't call attention to themselves in terms of sound; they just play music well
Sounds great with vocals and acoustic instruments
Beautiful cabinet and build quality

Not as much slam as their larger, older brothers (633Ts)
Bass is very light to my ears (rolloff at 50 Hz they say), so use a sub if you care about bass
Midrange tone is right, but some they don't have the magic of "floating the music in the air" that the DQ10s had

Eventually, I'll replace these with another set that makes me as happy as the DQ10s once did. But until I can part with a much larger pile o'cash, the 5Ts are a great place to play for awhile. And I'll definitely keep these little gems for many, many years.

Highly recommended.

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