Aperion Audio Intimus 533-PT Floorstanding Speakers

Aperion Audio Intimus 533-PT Floorstanding Speakers 


  • Power Tower Design
  • 1" Audiophile-Grade Silk-Dome Tweeter
  • Custom PVA- Damped 5.25" Midrange
  • Custom Poly 8” Subwoofer
  • 150 watt High Power Amp
  • Anti-Resonant Cabinet


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[Jan 25, 2005]
Audio Enthusiast


From the first few listens with a select tracks off the Sting 'Brand New Day' SACD, it's impressing me... Now one to some mid 90's prog/goth metal, Type O Negatives 'October Rust'. I dig this album and it sounded the best I've heard it from the previous speakers I've listened to it on. Including my 'old' current system... Now on to the DVD-A of Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon'. I haven't even let these speakers break in, nor am I thinking that I want to return them, Aperion offers a 30 day money back guarantee on their speakers, including shipping. I was very skeptical I must admit, buying speakers from an online only retailer, 'How good could they be?'. These speaker are not going back and my old set is out the door, what else do you have to know? People far smarter than I have reviewed these speakers and love them, I have to agree. Now on to the real strenghts. My old system was comprised of a pair of JBL 4408A monitors. While not a slouch of a speaker, they tended to get a bit bright on me in my old age, I prefer the sound of a soft dome these days, rather than the titanium dome of the Jibbles. A NEAR (New England Audio Research) center, I believe the actual model number is JIB or, 20MV. I love this center, but again, it's an inverted titanium dome. It doesn't really fit into the new system otherwise I'd keep it. I've replaced my NHT SW2p sub (10') with these speakers as well. I think the bass extention is about the same, in the 27-30 region. My gain is significant, I solve two annoying problems with one set of speakers!. 1) My room modes have cleaned up significantly. With my single 10" NHT, while an outstanding subwoofer, I had some wicked low end modal frequencies at my listening position. With the Aperions I get a much smoother response across the seating area due to the dual 8" sub-bass drivers in the power towers! 2) My sub-par Bass Management with the DVD-2900 is fixed! Full range to the Front Left and Right!


In this very early test/review the vocals do tend to be a bit nasal. Then again, I expect this to disappear with proper break in of the speakers. Also, I was torn between getting the VAC center (Vertical Array Center) vs. a 522D-C. The Timbre is definatly different between my 522D-LR's (essentially the same as the 522D-C) and the VAC. At this point is it a weakness, maybe in my mind. But again, this is an immediate review, I will repost with a further review after the breakin.

I just received these today and hooked them up immediatly. I was anticipating the arrival of these speakers since the order, the reviews I've read were spectacular. Remember, these reviews are based upon a fresh pair of speakers, not broken in to manufacturers suggested time.

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