Alisca Orange ASP 4C Floorstanding Speakers

Alisca Orange ASP 4C Floorstanding Speakers 


4-driver 2-way system


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[Jan 25, 1999]
an Audiophile

This is the biggest speaker in Alisca Orange speaker family. Another good sounding model is the 2+1C (which stands for 2 woofer+ 1 tweeter, Crystal series). Back to the 4C.
Drivers: 2x8" specially modified kevlar Focal, 2x modified kevlar inverted dome Focal tweeters. 92 dB sensitivity.
The cabinet is an unusual, but very interesting construction, coated with some fur (helping diffraction, dispersion problems). There are back panel absorbers available as accessories.
This is ANOTHER approach to build speakers. Nothing is like one might imagine.
1" dome tweeters crossed over at 3.5kHz with 8" drivers...
The crossover is a linear-phase first-order one, the constructor claims it has no group delay. I didn't check it (yet). Internal cabling and inductors are made of Black Line cable (see review at the cables section).

Anyway, the speakers sound right. This is the word which fits best. And this means somewhat more than "musicality".
This means, that every instrument sounds right (piano, strings, fagot, trumpets, organs). Not only right, but in their place also. Which means 15-20 feet large and deep soundstage. I have never heard such "right sounding" speakers yet.
It is not perfect, but the sound is "believable". You "believe" that you are in the concert hall...
There is no edge to the sound. No overemphasis of bass, no lack of bass (maybe in the lowest octave: but get a REL Stadium II sub and you have it all; I would say it's not needed). Liquid, smooth, dynamic, transparent. Very good soundstage.

I compared it to the following speakers: JMLab Utopia Mini, Dynaudio Contour 3.3, Dali Grand, B&W Nautilus 801.

The JMLab and the Dynaudio were out of play in this context(however, they are VERY GOOD speakers). I liked the Dali Grand sound. That is one of my reference speakers (along with some Audio Physic models: Caldera, Virgo). For about the same price as the ASP 4C, best Scan-Speak drivers, special crossover, they also play very good. But they don't sound as "right" and "believable". The Nautilus could have been better, but because the room was quite small, I preferred the more sober and again "right" sound of the ASP 4C. Hey, at less than $4000!

Unfortunately there is no US dealer yet. One should pay taxes and air freight to get them and this would add to the $3000 price point (I've put $4000).

5 stars, well worth an audition. Even a blind order.

If somebody wants to build the "best" system for about $4-6000 plus taxes, go ahead and order a full configuration (ASP 2+1C speaker, Black Pepper tube amp, Black Line cables and interconnects, CD player, rack, disc stabilizer, vibration cones, power cables, absorber panels, etc). No risk, the best sound one can get for this money. Build quality is also very good.
Visit their home page, English section. Prices are in Hungarian Forint, you can convert them at

Happy listening.

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