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The AE520 is the series flag-ship, a true 3-way, slim-line, powerful floor-standing loudspeaker that generates a soundstage as real and large as a concert hall and which is best suited to the larger living room. The AE520 features anodised alloy cones for the bass and mid-range drive-units and a 25mm silk-coated fabric dome high-frequency tweeter-unit. The impressive 970mm high triple chamber bass-reflex cabinet includes a mid-range drive which has a damped alignment within its own sealed compartment and the bass drivers which have their own separate enclosure with a high-power flared port to the rear baffle. In addition to conventional passive driving, the AE520 can also be tri-wired or tri-amped for optimum sound quality and audiophile performance.

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Timmy J   AudioPhile [Jun 18, 2012]

After owning these speakers for several years I must say British Quality really shines.
Great imaging, Smooth vocals. Good low end from such "slim" speakers.
The exterior has required next to zero care but a water wet cloth wipe to skim off dust.
The finished wood surface has kept its sheen with no signs of separation or cracks.
I'm driving these with a 75w /channel Rotel hometheater avr and they do fairly well.
Nothing like coming home from a long day's work to relax.
While considering this purchase I also demo'd a pair of B&W's in the $2000 range.
Though they were very defined the soundstage was a bit too forward for my liking- good for hometheater perhaps but the AEs were more suitable for 2channel.

Rob   Audiophile [Oct 30, 2000]

Fast, powerful bass, great tonal balance, excellent imaging


No matching center channel speaker

I'm just posting an update on these speakers since I have gotten many, many questions regarding them.

In the past year, I've made several upgrades:
EAD Ovation Processor
EAD PowerMaster 2000 Amp
All Synergistic Research Cabling
Toshiba TW40X81 HDTV
Aerial Acoustics CC-3 Center channel.

You can see my system at

So, I've grown tired of using the 107c as a center channel. Sound is very chesty. I heard of someone using a CC-3 to mate w/ AE-1 Sig's, a similar speaker. This speaker is much, much better. Timbre match is not perfect, but not much worse than before. I highly recommend it to those who are dissatisfied w/ AE's center channel offerings. Too bad they don't make a matching center.

In other news, I've listened to a bunch of speakers in the $4-10k category to 'see what I was missing'. Not alot! The Vienna Acoustics Beethovens are fairly nice, but are very difficult to drive. They are $4k. I'd really have to spend $7+ (on ProAc's) to feel that I've made an upgrade.

Everytime I return from an audio shop and have just listened to $60k worth of gear, I am still very impressed w/ my system.

The AE is a substantial value and a fine sounding speaker. The only speakers I liked in the price range were the B&W N804's. They cost more and didn't have as much bass extension. I am MUCH happier w/ the AE's.

Some have asked what kind of music I listen to. Whatever is recorded well! I listen to Blues, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classic Rock, etc. Even Limp Bizkit sounds good on these speakers :)

Similar Products Used: B&W,MA,Sf,VA,Thiel,Kef,ML,Avalon,Tannoy,Paradigm,etc.
Rob Migliore   an Audiophile [Sep 03, 1999]

Incredible speakers. 2 - 4" Woofers, 1 4" Midrange, Silk Dome Tweeter. High quality tri-wire able cable plate. Mass loaded.
These speakers are designed for a big room. But, even in my small living room they never cease to amaze me. Excellent imaging, low distorting, warming midrange and even a powerful low end. I highly recommend to anyone. Email for more info.

my system:
AE 520's front
AE 505's rear
AE 107c center
Rega Planet CDP
B&K AVP 1000 Pre/Pro
B&K AV 6/5/4 60x6 Amp (center bi-amped)
Rotel Line Cond
Mitsubishi HSU-51 VCR
Philips 27" TV
Synergistic Phase 2 Cable, Bi-amp (fronts)
Synergistic Alpha Cable, Bi-amp (rear)
Audio Advisor Garden Hose Cable (center)
Synergistic Phase 1 Kaliedescope Interconnect (CDP)
Kimber Cable Hero (pre to power)
Misc monster cable
Synergy Racks

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