ACI Sapphire XL Floorstanding Speakers

ACI Sapphire XL Floorstanding Speakers 


  • 1" silk dome
  • Low distortion motor system
  • Impedance: 4.5 ohms
  • 1/2" cast-frame
  • Rear ported system


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[Jul 24, 2005]
Audio Enthusiast


Small speaker with a room filling sound. A 5" inch speaker that will put you in astonishment. NO speaker rattle. Colmpltetely inert! Beautifull finish - audio envy will result once seen and heard by friends!!! Amazing product overall. Futuristic design of speaker for auido dynamics not for looks, but they are quite handsome. Excellent customer support.


You have to purchase a speaker stand. Every speaker company in this price range has now met its match!!! good luck in catching up!!! Your going to need it.

I had visited many different shops, auditioned many different speakers, from B&W, Spendor, and many others. I had alot of time on my hands so lenghty auditions and internet research was not a problem. I can't recall how I discovered ACI, but it was a true blessing. A site that very well informed newbies (myself) and AudioPhiles on speaker placement,theory, glossary of audio deffintions and so fourth. Overall ACI's website is a place where one does not hold the cards back, and simply tells it like it is. Due to the honesty of content of what this company offers, I had a strong premonition the Xl's would become the speakers I would proudly own and cherish. All orders are direct from the company so there is no middle man invovled. In essence no markups allowing more bang for the buck. The shipping was through UPS and was trouble free. Not one dent on the carboard boxes shipped. One box as the outer shell, the other to hold the internal components. To put it bluntly the packaging was first class. The speakers were individually wrapped in a cotton bag providing a blemish free speaker upon arrivial. The sound quality - These speakers can be used for multi purpose activities. Monitors for studiio sessions - some may choose these units for the front of a surround set up. Another alternative may be a 2 channel hook up, or one may choose a subwoofer to compliment the Sapphire Xl. If you have a large listening environemt a sub-woofer would be a good choice. I went for the 2 channel route. This works great for aptartment dwellers, who desire clarity, and deep deffinition. In addition I purchased Dh labs Q-10 speaker cable, and Air Matrix interconnects. Manufacturing - The craftsmanship is unbelievable. I selected a pair in piano black finish. The finish is pristine. As another reviewer put it. The speakers were more like hand crafted furniture than just a bookshelf speaker. These will compliment any room, if not adding more finese to it!! No debate!! The speaker is composed of MDF ranging in wall thicknes of 3/4 to 1&1/2 inches. Due to this manufacturing process, the speaker is very solid, weighing in around 22 pounds. The solid structure reveals no rattle whatsoever. No vibration. The binding post are gold plated and can accept whatever style of connection one desires. These binding post were manufactured very well. Detail, accuracy, and perfection describes the Saphire Xl's. Speakers - ACI chose Scanspeak for the tweeter and bass/midrange woofer. I could not fathom a better selection for the Sapphires. It is highly suggested that the speakers will not play at ultimate range until at least 60 hours of break in time. For approximately one week I chose on cd of a particular style and set repeat on the cd player while i went to work. While home I would play various styles of music to break in the speakers at flat response. In all honesty I beleive the Sapphire Xl requires at least 100 hours of break in time to truly bring out the full tonal expression of what they are representive of. After the break in - Wow!!!! Ear fatigue is no longer an issue. These speakers provide great range. If you reside in a small apartment and decide to use these as strictly 2 channel use, one will be fully satisified. These speakers hold their own, no matter what style of music you throw at the Sapphire Xl's. It presents very clear treble without any grain or bright character. Keep in mind these are bookshelf speakers,they play well loud or soft, upon your mood. The bass/midrange combo has the ability to go very deep depending on the recording. These speakers unlike others are not relaxed but rather more recessed. It is a very neutral speaker which will bring out subtle sounds. Sounds which one may not have heard on prior recordings on other systems/speakers. My listening area is rather small. I really see no need for a sub at the present. The 5" scanspeaks hold their own very well. With the 1"&3/4 bass port in the rear, bass is extremely tight/fast. Playback - I listen to jazz, experminental electonic, a little rock and independent hip hop as well as other styles of music. Every style of music that was played - the Sapphire Xl's presented very accurately. My mother came over to audtion the speakers. Keep in mind she has a very simple audio set up. Her exact words were" It flows like water, liquid smooth." The Sapphires are so precise that the only disadvantage I came across is that the recordings which were mastered poorly were evident in playback. These poorly mastered recordings are listenable but do not present amazing feedback. I wish every producer used these speakers for final mix down, allowing the listener to truly appreciate the artform presented to the listener. The Sapphire Xl's presentes a great soundstage and a price that one cannot pass up. ACI offers a 30 day trial money back warranty if one is not fully pleased with these speakers. How many other companies can match that!!!!

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just adutioned alot of speakers in this $ range, was not imprerssed.

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