Revel C50 Center Channels


  • Frequency response 80Hz-18kHz +/-1dB
  • Driver complement Two 6.5'' ceramic-composite woofers
  • Nominal impedance 5.7 ohms
  • Sensitivity 90dB
  • Recommended amplifier power

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stazi   Audio Enthusiast [Mar 01, 2006]

Beautful fit and finish Superior sound Detailed and precise Everything.


none that I found.

1ST a little review of my modest: ATI AT-2505 AMP (best amp for the money) SUNFIRE THEATER GRAND II PROCCESSOR MRRAGE OM-9 FRONT MIRAGE OM-2 CENTER (JUST REPLACED WITH A REVEL C50a) ATLANTIC TECH FOR REAR EARTHQUAKE SUPERNOVA MK15 (BEST SUB FOR THE MONEY) First of all I am no audiphile but I love listening to music and I watch movies 3 to 4 time a week. I am a big mirage fan. I have had them for a couple of years and just love them. Espeacially in my home theater. About a month ago I started getting the upgrade bug so I went looking for some better speakers. I was willing to spend about $10000 for fronts, center and surrounds. I auditioned some meridians which sounded unbelievable!! but again for $35,000 they better. I also listened to the b&w 804D but could justify the $12000 price tag for the pair. Then I went to a paradigm dealer and listened to their signature series for about $8000. They sounded good but were too bright for my taste (they looked great though). Last I went to a revel dealer and listened to the F52s ($8000 a pair). They sounded amazing incredible. I was hooked on the spot and I started negociating a buy it today price when my dealer talked me into listening to their introductory series, "revel concerta" Towers for only $1200 before making a final decision. The F12s sounded so good, almost as good as their $8000 big brothers.Very neutral but yet extremely detailed and that is what I like. and for a fraction of the price. I bought a pair on the spot (Goodbye my beloved mirage). I wanted to get the whole set which included the C12 center for $450 and the S12 rears for $999. I liked the F12s so much that I was going to buy the rest sight unseen (and that is not something I usually do). I like to shop around and around. Again my dealer talked me out of it. But this time he convinced me to give the $3000 Revel C50a center chanel a try. $3000 for a center chanel ? I could even deam about doing such a thing. Fortunately he had a couple on clearance and convinced to spend more on the center chanel since it is the heart of any theater system. But to still go with the F12s for the front. And boy I am so glad he did !!! The Revel C50a is one amazing center chanel. Huge sound. Super clean with tons of bass. Yes bass !! I hooked this baby up and I swear it sounds 10 times better than both of my Mirage OM-9 towers combined. It plays louder, cleaner, a million time more detailed. I heard some nuances I didn't even know I was missing. I listed to Andrea Bocelli (best voice ever) and man does this spaeker sound good. It puts Bocelli right in front of you. If you close your eyes you would think that he is standing right in front of you. I also listened to some guitar tracks and I was switching between the Revel C50a to the mirages (at the same volume) and boy what a diffrence. The Mirages sounded muffeled and very unclean while the Revel sounded clear and detailed, fast but precise. Even my wife who things all speakers sound the same ( Loud and loud!) was absolutely amazed. She was sitting there asking me to switch back and forth between speakers and was more amazed than I was. She is now a believer. If you have never listed to revel speakers, you don't know what you are missing. I finally found speakers that I like and will enjoy for years to come. Mirages were good and still are. But they are too bright and ear fatiguing. I can wait untill my F12 towers arrive (I had to special order them) and to finally have matching speakers. If the C50a center speaker sounded this good by it self, I can only imagine what the towers would sound like. The Revel C50a is one hell of a speaker. It Sounded better out the box than both my Mirage OM-9 towers. Not to put down Mirage. They are still great speakers for the money just not in the same league as the Revels. Unfortunately or fortunately the mirages will be gone as soon as my new F12s get home. I paid $1800 for the C50a and it is worth every penny and more. Beautiful wood finish, superior craftsmanship, and best of all unbelieavable sound!! This speaker and all revel speakers get a 2 thumbs up from this new happy owner.

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