Paradigm Reference CC-270 Center Channels

Paradigm Reference CC-270 Center Channels 


  • 2-way center
  • Crossover: 2nd-order electro-acoustic at 2.1kHz
  • High-Frequency Driver(s): 25-mm (1 in) CMC dome
  • Frequency Response: ±2 dB from 70Hz - 20kHz


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[Dec 09, 2008]
Fat lazy slob
Casual Listener


Bang for buck.
Looks like it means the business with dust cover removed without looking budget.
It sounds good. (yeah I know)
It wont fatigue your ears for normal TV listening.
Matches my fronts which are a different brand without having to adjust the reciever.
Affordable top brand tech for the price of a high end hooker.
The little lady wont blow it up with her crap country music.


Plays country music so loud my ears hurt.
My mates have never herd of "Paradigm" and think its some cheap asian boom box.
People want to steal it because it sounds so dam good.
Feeds my need for harder audio drugs.

I picked up this speaker new. I have run it in now. It is used in the HT and for everyday TV. I have thrashed it along with Sound Dynamics R616 fronts to a variety of musc and movies. The reciever is an Onkyo HT I picked up from a mainstream home store. Not huge bucks spent here, however I have had plenty of ear time with much better, (and more expensive) gear. I pay particular attention to position with all equipment and drivers, (many hours spent). The interconnects are base level HiFi shop fodder, and are fine enough for the setup. For TV all is sweet and the CC-270 center is well balanced. Under the pressure of emotional vocals, and accustic guitar the CC-270's cope well. They are not too bright and deliver convincing bass for the size of the enclosure. I have pulled the box to bits and inspected the build quality of all the bits inside and can report for an 'el-cheapo" from Paradigm, the gear and woodwork is more than acceptable. I have treated the CC-270 rough at times with a little rock music and find some of the best ear candy at lower power levels. This is not to say the CC-270 sounds anything other than value for money at larger power levels, however most of us listen to music at a level that will not bring the noise control around.
Overall I am happy with the performance for the bucks outlaid. I am not fully infected with the audio illness yet, but like a cold in winter I can feel it coming on. There is little difference in the feeling actually, and like a cold it will not leave my body until I have beaten it. So, for now I am happy with the reproduction of voice in music and movie effects etc from the CC-270.

Customer Service

The guy at the shop lent me another center, (also Paradigm) that sold at a higher price. I tried it for a week and wanted to compare. He gave me this to try and he is not getting it back!!!
It was about matching the R616's and the CC-270 is near bloody perfect.

The Listening Post
was the vender.

Similar Products Used:

All the gear listed above.
My parents, (Dad) lifetime addiction to spending my college fund on gear. I have been lucky enough to enjoy better gear than your average audio junkie.
I know when something sounds better than a screaming child.

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