Dali Blue 8008 Center Channels

Dali Blue 8008 Center Channels 


  • High-End loudspeakers
  • Two 8” woofers
  • 5” midrange
  • 1” soft dome tweeter
  • Frequency range of 39 Hz to 25 kHz


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[Sep 30, 2010]

I purchased the Dali Blue 8008 about 3 years ago for a run out price from a friend who was working at the Hifi shop. I did audition the speakers in a shop run by a class A Techniques amplifier in stereo made. They sounded very detailed and controlled but I was concerned about the nominal impedence of 4 ohms per speaker. When I bought them home, I visited an electronics shop to purchase some resistors that a placed in-line on the positive side speaker connection to give it a dummy load to increase impedence.

I done this since my home amp, a Sony 6.1 channel had a miminal load of 8 ohms. I placed them about just over a metre apart about 45 degrees to a corner wall. I played them at moderate levels during the first 3 months and then tested their ability after that. using difference sound fields. I noticed in stereo mode, the speakers were great and it projected an illusion that the rear speakers were being used. The vocals sound very natural with minimal of humming in male voices and the bass is very tight and controlled. I am running them with 100rms per side and the speakers seem to work very well without any signs of fatigue or distortion even at high volumes. They sound very good with classical music, jazz music and even pop and rock and the dual 8 inch woofers really shine in dance music. The tweeters are very details with no harshness during high levels and the midrange is always blending in nicely with the woofers, I have opened the speaker baffle to reveil a 12db crossover module which is a good sign and the frequency cut off in inch drivers works very well with each other. The speakers weight about 28kg each so be careful if you are moving them.

I do open up the speaker grills to wipe the speakers with a soft damp cloth with warm water every year or two to keep them all clean as well.

I have compared them to my dad's JBL TLX 14 speakers and these Dalis provide more staging and imaging effect compared to the JBL's.

I think the speakers related well to my amplifiers power of 100rms and when blended in with my 12" subwoofer which has a cut off frequency of 40Hz, they blend in just fine. I usually use them for audio applications and for movie theatre I use the 6.1 channels for maximum home theatre effect. I would recommend the dali's to any pospective buyer as they will keep producing sound for many years to come. The other surround speakers I have are Jamo's "e' series centre and rears.

The Dali's are a great set of speakers that I would use just as a stand alone or for listening to music. I highly recommend them!

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