Aperion Audio Intimus 522D-C Center Channels

Intimus 522D-C

Aperion Audio''''s renowned 2-way ported bookshelf speaker with DiAural® technology configured for center channel use.

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Steve Syverson   Audio Enthusiast [Oct 16, 2002]

1. Excellent dynamics 2. Perfect timbre matching with the rest of the other speakers in the intimus system. 3. Excellent build quality and finish. 4. High quality Vifa components 5. Dialogue is extremely clear, even during quiet sections of film.


The only weakness at this point is subjective. The speakers are a little weak on the presence of bass. However, this should be tempered with the knowledge that they're still very new and are probably not totally broken in yet. They do have enough bass/mid-bass to match well with the subwoofer (S-12) from aperion though.

I have been using the aperion audio intimus 6.1 system in my apartment for a few weeks now and I'm very impressed. The packaging of the speakers was top notch. They came in a purple velvet bag inside their boxes. They're built solidly and are heavy for their size. The center channel peforms extremely well. I've had a hard time trying to remember when I've heard dialogue more clearly. I don't have to turn up the volume to hear whisper in the quieter parts of movies. Sonically, the vocals are extremely natural and detailed. The soft dome tweeter works well and there's not harshness in the speaker's highs. Bass response is adequate for my tastes and is average for speakers with a 5.25" main woofer. Over the past weeks the systems bass has improved as they speakers are breaking in, so take that into account if you're looking for strong bass in a bookshelf. The center is amazingly dynamic, as is the whole system. They go from soft to loud with starteling speed and power. This makes suspense movies very enjoyable. Overall, I was somewhat nervous about ordering from an online-only manufacturer. But, so far everything has worked out very well and the speakers have accurately reflected the reviews I've read an I haven't had any complaints at all. The center channel especially makes the system worth a look at their website: aperionaudio.com.

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