Sunfire Cinema Ribbon CRM-2 Bookshelf Speakers

Cinema Ribbon CRM-2

Bob and team have done it again! Until now, you thought big sound had to come from big spaces. Just like Sunfire redefined the subwoofer a decade ago, the Cinema Ribbons will change the way you think about compact loudspeakers. Their sound is truly magical, believable and utterly astonishing in its spaciousness. You’ll hear it when you experience the warm, deep soundstage - and feel it when you turn up the power and discover that Cinema Ribbons can play as loud as big floor-standing speakers, yet with far more accuracy and detail. This is thanks to their unique construction:

Dual woofers with as much cone travel as drivers twice their size. Their side-firing configuration actually takes into account the physiology of our ear-brain processing system.
Ribbon tweeter with five feet of sound radiating area folded into less than six inches. Its geometry prevents distortion created by floor and ceiling bounce - and correctly disperses rear channel surround sound.
All of this comes in a speaker that is no larger than your favorite bundle of premium cigars!

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Greg Housotn   Audio Enthusiast [Aug 30, 2007]

Small size. Great transparency. Handles a good bit of power.


Only reproduces down to around 100Hz, but does a great job down to that point.

The amazingly glossy finish shows every dust spec. I hate dusting.

I always keep my eyes out for great sounding speakers for a reasonable price. It is easy to find good speakers for lots of money, but finding something good for less is always a challenge, but these speakers were up to it, barely. They still cost a fair bit, but good for the price. These speakers look great and sound great. They have extremely good transparancy, not unlike electrostatic speakers. They are obviously completely lacking in bass bue to their size, but by matching with and Sunfire sub, fills the bottom end nicely. There is an obvious small gap at around 80-90Hz that is quiet noticable with certain music, but with most music it is not a major concern. With movies it is not noticable at all.

Height placement is critical, as they are fairly directional, particularly on the Y axis. Get the height right and it is good.

They are about average on the efficiency, so a decent amp is required.

These are good speakers for people who want something small without sacrificing great sound. While they cannot be considered inexpensive, they probably sound better than anything else for that price.

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