SP Technology Loudspeakers Mini Bookshelf Speakers

SP Technology Loudspeakers Mini Bookshelf Speakers 


Highly musical 2-way monitor with electrostatic detail, coherency, while yet being very dynamic. Offers unique, unheard of, low crossover of 800 hz,

Impedance 8-Ohms
Sensitivity 87dB@1W/1M
Freq. Resp. (anechoic) 42Hz-22KHz +/- 2dB
-3dB Points (anechoic) 40Hz & 24KHz
Bass Alignment Proprietary 4th order Hybrid Reflex
Power Handling (Long Term) 100 Watts
Power Handling (Short Term) 250 Watts
Crossover 4th order L-R Acoustic @ 800Hz
Dimensions 16.5"H x 9.5"W x 12.75"D
Weight 38 lbs. Each


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[Dec 24, 2008]


-Exceptional Tonal Balance, mostly +/- 1 db.
-Tremendous Clarity, are these electrostatics?
-Extremely musical and involving.
-Very dynamic and real sounding.
-Throws a world class sound stage.
-Best vocal reproduction I have heard in a speaker.
-They just sound like live music. The real thing.


-87 db eff. so they like power.
-For those who want gobs of bass, irregardless of detail and musicality, may find them perhaps to lean for their tastes.
-Price for some. Yet I would say they are a bargain in that these will compete with the very best 2 way monitors, irregardless of price, and still be more musically satisfying than most, if not all.
-Long wait time for build, yet this is being addressed.

SP Technology is a high end manufacturer of state of the art speaker systems geared for the recording industry and high end audio.

I bought the entry level Mini's:

Bottom line:

These little guys are the most accurate, live sounding, dynamic, coherent, enjoyable, small monitors I have encountered. They serve up electrostatic detail and clarity, while being very dynamic and live sounding. The tonal balance is fantastic.

Vocals, and instruments, lock into place before you, in a 3D way I have not heard on speakers before. Think SET amp 3D.

The low crossover point of 800 hz, due to the tweeter waveguide, is undetectable and totally seamless. Zero box colorations. They image like crazy, and completely disappear.

Quite frankly, don't let the small size fool you, these serve up music in the most realistic, true to life manner one could possible expect from a small monitor.

Very, very, glad they are a part of my life.

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