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2 way bookshelf speakers

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Bluekite2003   Audio Enthusiast [Aug 04, 2015]

These little regas are superbly made with a lovely wood finish option looking really grand!
Rega kytes are very easy to drive being pretty efficient because of a simple crossover design
And paper cones.
You can pick up a pair for around £50-75.00 easily although not loads around still easy to buy
On the internet sites.

How do they sound?
Well very good indeed!
Amazing clean and deep bass for their size
Very musical with good timing (your feet will start tapping!)
A very natural open sound which just sounds right with no obvious flaws or coloration.
Big clear open soundstage
Place on goods stands then they will really sing!

I have had so many speakers ranging from small monitors like these to big monster horns and these are among the best I have had overall!

That's why I gave them 5 stars!

Jas   Audio Enthusiast [Apr 03, 2008]

Natural midrange, open yet very expressive.


No hard, low end bass. Don't suit bright ancillaries.

If you can live without deep bass these must be amongst the best speakers out there.

I owned a pair for over 15 years and until recently could find no reason to upgrade. I found the Kytes to be superior to just about everything else available here in the UK, up to and including Quad electrostatics.

What makes them so good? My guess is that it is a combination of great integration between the drivers, minimalist crossover, and use of undoped paper for the bass driver. Paper may be old technology but it's still hard to say what paper sounds like - we all know what plastic and metal sound like (not to mention the kind of crossovers required to make them palatable). Furthermore paper cones are still the best way to go for good tonal colours.

The Kytes sound is basically one of naturalness and freedom. Speech is a great way to check a speakers tone and in this respect the Kytes sound pretty close to real speech.

The only drawback is that there is no low bass. You can fill out the bass by placing them right up against the rear wall but then front to back imagery is compromised somewhat. Unfortunately true upgrades tend to cost thousands, not hundreds of pounds. I've not heard the latest Rega floorstanders such R5/R7s, but their predecessors could not match the Kytes for integration, but that's the advantage of quality bookshelf models.

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