Polk Audio Audio R150 Main / Stereo Speaker Bookshelf Speakers

Audio R150 Main / Stereo Speaker

Building incredible-sounding speakers at reasonable prices has made Polk Audio a powerhouse in the audio industry. The R Series Loudspeaker models continue the Polk tradition of using high quality materials and excellent fundamental engineering to deliver exceptional sound at an exceptional value.

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Jeffrey Tveraas   Audio Enthusiast [Jan 10, 2009]

Clean and balanced sound with good detail. Tight bass response that is a little surprising for such small speakers. Balanced and clean midrange and hi-end response that make them easy to listen to for long periods of time. Overall I feel like I'm getting as much of the music as a small speaker could possibly deliver.

The design is inverted from most, the tweeter is below the woofer but doesn't seem to make any difference in my application. I was pleasantly surprised to hear how good these sounded when I got them home.


They are 8 ohms each, a common impedance but I would have preferred 4 ohms to take best advantage of my amplifier. The grill cloth is kinda thin, not much protection for the drivers but as long as you treat them for what they are it's no problem.

Very decent small ported bookshelf speakers, especially for the blowout price I got them at. Even at their usual $99/pr. I think they are still a good buy. Good detail, good transient response, ideal for a bedroom system or home theatre mains providing you have a subwoofer to handle the low end. I use them as main speakers in a bedroom system along with a venerable NAD integrated amp.

Customer Service

None used. Polk website is very informative.

Similar Products Used: JBL N26. They are fine if a bit unwieldy in shape but I prefer the overall timbre of the R150's.
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