Mirage Loudspeakers Nanosat Prestige Bookshelf Speakers

Mirage Loudspeakers Nanosat Prestige Bookshelf Speakers 


  • Frequency response 110-20,000 Hz (+-3dB)
  • OMNIPOLAR technology
  • 3/4" titanium dome tweeter
  • 2-3/4" Titanium Deposit Hybrid polypropylene woofer
  • 8-ohm impedance
  • Sensitivity 89 dB
  • Handles up to 100 watts


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[Dec 30, 2007]
Audio Enthusiast


Tiny size, endless mounting options, true omnipolar dispersion, exceptionally sweet and accurate voice as well as beautiful construction and finish.


For some, undoubtedly, the size-to-price ratio, although for the quality one gets, this really is reasonable, even at full suggested retail.

After recently making the big switch of my front end from B&W to Boston Acooustics VRM 50's and matching center, I became more aware of the shortcomings of my 30-year old a/d/s surrounds, and started looking for something less directional. Most dedicated surrounds are either bi-polar or otherwise complex, and also must be mounted on a wall or ceiling, something I'm not willing to do in am apartment. Then I remembered seeing and hearing these little Nanostats last year at a salon and thinking they were really quite amazing. Well they certainly are. They also blend exceptionally well with the Bostons in a surround system, at least in my peculiar room. The Bostons already manage to create a startlingly accurate soundstage with music and movies, and now the Nanostats have helped me create a holistic soundstage for surround sound that is nothing short of astonishing. They also have a lovely, laid-back, extremely smooth "voice" which works perfectly in this half-breed system of mine. They do everything Mirage promises of them and more. They create an almost perfect sense of being surrounded without any sort of beaminess, brightness, or directionality. It is very much like being outdoors when the movie scene on the screen is outdoors -- unlike the old surrounds, whicch made the ambient sounds seemto be "right over there." Instead there is a sense of space and openness (totally unlike the Bose effect) that is extremely realistic, while still allowing one to pick out the orign of the sound. It's almost too hard to describe. I'm extremely pleased with the sound and the extremely nice construction, finish and use of high quality parts and materials makes them a total pleasure. The "omnipolar" design is perfect for surround purposes. The price I snagged them at, new in the box,is not to be sneezed at either, although I was quite prepared to pay full retail for them (they are sold individually at a suggested list price of $175 apiece and well worth it!).

I had no idea how good it could get, here in my horseshoe-shaped living and listening area! And as pretty as the Nanostats Prestige's are, they virtually disappear both visually and sonically. Unnervingly real and very sweet outcome!

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Nothing ever quite like these. Previous surrounds were the original a/d/s L200 minis.

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