Kenwood RFU-6100 Bookshelf Speakers


Kenwood RFU-6100 System for Surround Sound Speakers

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AJCalhoun   Audio Enthusiast [Jan 25, 2005]

Virtually invisibility, ease of installation, auto-on/off sensing, clean, remarkably strong sound, great separation, very little heat, and NO WIRES!!


Some would whine about the low power and/or the "department store" brand. Get over yourselves. No one's gonna see it anyway, and it sounds great.

OK, here it is: I love this thing! Maybe if I was able to run speaker wire to the rear of my listening room I'd be laughing at the device, but I can't and so I'm not laughing. This is incredible! It must seem so mid-fi, low-brow, mid-cult, crap, but it's NOT!! Trust me! If you have no other way to do it, the Kenwood RFU-6100 will do it for you. Clean-sounding, clear digital amps rated at 50 w/ch @ 1khz (there's that mid-fi, low-brow thing) the associated surround speakers (Cambridge Newton Model 100's) absolutely do the job. So it's a piecemeal system! It works! The Yamaha M-40 amp and AudioSource Pre-amp/tuner II render beautiful stereo and now when I throw in a 21st century digital DVD, played through the Vantas processor/amp/coffee maker, I am blown away, and there are NO WIRES running across my floor! The living room no longer looks like a dorm room, the 5.1 (I admit that's as much as I feel I need - I'm getting old, I guess, or at least this is a great compromise)is bone- shaking and unnervingly real. I couldn't have done it without this goofy little device from Kenwood (which, by the way, is quite attractive yet totally out of sight in actual use)and for this I am eternally grateful. I don't have to move or get yet another divorce! Yes, accurate stereo is my number-one goal, but when I want to enjoy a good movie I can now let myself get lost in it like the other kids, and at the price I paid for this weird little machine I've got enough left for some way-too expensive-yet-oh-so-fashionable Sanus stands for the surrounds. My place LOOKS good! It sounds good. Life is good.

Similar Products Used: There is nothing similar to this. Anywhere. Period. But fronts are B&W DM 600 S2s, center is (again, out of necessity due to cramped quarters) a DCM CX, power by Yamaha, switching by AudioSource, processing by Vantas, DVDs spun by Sony.
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