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The S36II is a unique horizontal mirror-image nearfield/midfield monitor that brings the studio experience into your living room. This 3-way 6" loudspeaker in a molded enclosure with Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal (EOS) waveguide reproduces sound with unparalleled spaciousness and definition. It may be wall-mounted or placed on a shelf either horizontally or vertically. The pure-titanium tweeter and the midrange transducer are mounted on a Linear Field Proximity (LFP) bezel that ensures a seamless transition between the middle and high frequencies. The PolyPlas (polymer-coated cellulose fiber) cone woofer features traditional JBL engineering, the same technologies used in JBL's Professional equipment that can be found in stadiums, music halls and movie theaters around the world.

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Doc   Audio Enthusiast [Dec 25, 2009]

The Studio 2 line was the last of the S series and was known for great sound in a smaller footprint.
The S36II excels as a surround or wide fill speaker, though it's actually enough speaker for a front in a smaller system. It's original S series cousins were huge and deep. The SII is quite thin, less than 6" deep, fitting nicely into thin bookshelves (IKEA Billy) of on the wall. And there are also handy wall mounts built into the speaker case, so you don't have to butcher it.

While the S36II, with its 6" low frequency drivers, is not a huge bass player, it will go down to 80Hz without protest and has a very clean, very even sound in the mids and highs. The speakers are designed to be used in mirrored pairs for optimal imaging.

Also available in a weather proof outside version, probably the best sound you can have on a deck or pool.

Craigslist or Ebay is the place. You can probably pick up a pair for $100 and be very very pleased.

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