Jamo SUB 200 Main / Stereo Speaker Bookshelf Speakers

Jamo SUB 200 Main / Stereo Speaker Bookshelf Speakers 


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[May 05, 2010]
Audio Enthusiast

Most general elecrtonic type shops have a limited range of decent Hi-Fi or Home Theatre equipment. They cater for Joe Average who doesn't want to spend his entire month's salary on the cables that go from his amp to his speakers. Useful tip here - use CAT 5 LAN cable. It's cheap and very good! Getting back to the product though, the Jamo SUB 200. I gave this a listen in a generic electronic shop - think Best Buy in the States or Comet/Dixons in the UK - and as usual the assistant cranked up the volume. Now this irks me. Any decent speaker system worth it's salt needs to sound good at LOW volumes, even subwoofers. Any hoo - while being blasted I was impressed by the clarity of the bass coming through. It didn't ride roughshod over everything else. The movie (SALT Preview) came through crisp and clear with the bass in exactly the right place.

Don't get me wrong, this is a budget speaker - bottom of the range - so you're not going to get the bass extension you will out of a $5000 sub (Paradigm Signature SUB 25 if you have the money). Having said that this punches well out of it's class. I heard it more-or-less blind. I saw the Jamo label but I thought "budget rubbish" until I heard it. I would have priced it well into the $600 range.

Where I started to get really interested is when I asked the assistant to turn the volume down. Right down. Great, still no swamping of speech and music and it still came through.

I think if you're looking for a budget home theater sub then you needn't look any further than this. If you're getting a sub for a high end system and you listen to a lot of music, then try to spend more.

I only gave this 3 stars in the "money doesn't matter" section but value for money it's very very good. Highly recommended.

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